Dr. Boom’s Scheme is one of the most disappointing cards ever printed – and not just because it’s terrible.

hearthstone 10 - Dr. Boom's Scheme is one of the most disappointing cards ever printed - and not just because it's terrible.

We're all aware that Dr. Boom's Scheme (4 mana, gain 1 armor, upgrades each turn) is a truly awful card.

But what's most upsetting about this dumpster fire of a card is what it isn't.

Hang with me for a moment…

We've seen that in this expansion, each class has gotten some pretty clear direction for a new or existing archetype. Priest has silence, Shaman has murlocs, Warlock has imps, etc etc. The Warrior cards in this set seem to be pushing two archetypes: Big Warrior, and Bomb Warrior.

Bomb Warrior would be entirely new, and several synergistic cards have been printed for it: Clockwork Goblin (battlecry: shuffle a bomb into your opponent's deck, when drawn it explodes for 5 damage); Wrenchcalibur (weapon: after your hero attacks, shuffle a bomb into your opponent's deck); and to cap it off, Blastmaster Boom (battlecry: summon a boom bot for each bomb in your opponent's deck).

Now let's get back to Dr. Boom's Scheme. As many have noticed, the card art is completely at odds with the actual card effect. The art shows Dr. Boom lighting up a huge pile of dynamite and bombs. And then today, when the patch came out, we were able to see the flavor text for the card (which, unsurprisingly, matches the card art):

"We did it! We blew up the vault!"


"You mean the vault door?"

"Oh. The doooor…"

The explanation for all this seems pretty straightforward. Dr. Boom's Scheme was most likely originally a card meant to synergize with the Bomb Warrior archetype. Perhaps shuffling an increasing number of bombs into the opponents deck, or perhaps shuffling a bomb with increasing damage. Who knows. But one thing is clear: something about whatever that card did was deemed unfit for the game.

The result is that the original effect was nixed, and haphazardly changed to a laughably bad and unplayable (not to mention boring) card. And what's more, we got a completely neutered version of what could, and should, have been an interesting and fun new archetype, even if it wasn't one that was exceedingly powerful. Whatever Dr. Boom's Scheme was, it may have been enough to make some sort of bomb deck viable. But as it stands, not only is the Scheme useless, but it renders the other bomb synergy cards nearly useless as well. The result is that Warrior appears to have once again gotten the shaft.

I mean, at least we won't all still be facing Odd Warrior amirite?

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