Easy Fixes To Battlegrounds Clown Fiesta

hearthstone 10 - Easy Fixes To Battlegrounds Clown Fiesta

Battlegrounds is so much fun when you aren't getting shafted, and I feel so torn when I'm shafting others. I've won too many games from dumb luck, and lost just as many from the other end. There are so many obvious ways to reduce the effects of RNG on the outcome of matches without radically changing the way the game is played.

  1. Guarantee 1 minion of your current tavern tier with every roll. It's absolutely absurd that you can spend a turn levelling and not see a minion of that tier for 3 or 4 rolls. If this happens in the early mid game you can go from a strong position to practically dead at no fault of your own.

  2. Prioritize combat between players at who are both doing well or both doing poorly, and push players with win streaks against higher health opponents. 1st and 2nd place shouldn't be consistently facing last place or Kel'Thuzad on back-to-back rounds. A player can snowball to extreme heights if they get a series of matches against those with weak boards. It sucks to lose against someone because they got a bunch of easy turns in a row and had nobody to challenge them.

  3. Players who experience a shorter combat phase have a serious advantage because they are able to roll for premium minions and buy them up from the pool before other players have a chance to find them. Why should anybody be punished because they had to fight someone else playing a lot of tokens? The buy phase should be delayed and not start until the majority of players have finished their combat.

  4. If a player dies early and an odd number of players remain for 5 or 6 turns, facing that easy dead player becomes the difference between a tough fight and being able to play as greedy as you want. Kel'Thuzad's board should gradually improve over time if no player dies. It could be as simple as just giving the board +1/+1, or adding a token if the board isn't full.

These are all very minor quality of life changes that would reduce the number of situations where the difference between 1st and 7th place comes down to who you fight or what minions you get offered on a single roll turn. I have other more complex ideas that I think would work but are unlikely to be something Blizzard would want to put effort into, such as an overhaul and reduction/rebalancing of base stats (which seems to be the plan with the removal of cobalt and changes to other cards), or a reduction in the variance of damage you can potentially receive based on attack order in the combat phase. (Tokens should count for zero damage and minion damage should be 1/2 of tavern tier rounded up. Tier 1/2 = 1, Tier 3/4 = 2, Tier 5/6 = 3).

(Inb4 "git gud", I'm just not gonna read inflammatory comments that don't have anything to say about actual improvements to a game mode that is labelled as still in development. If Blizzard wants to use an MMR system and try to make this mode competitive, it needs to be more consistent and dependent on how well you actually play.)

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