Embrace The Face: How to Draft Arena Aggro Hunter

hearthstone 10 - Embrace The Face: How to Draft Arena Aggro Hunter

Hey guys, this is Merps (former #1 Arena leaderboard player), bringing you an

today on how to beat down your opponents in the Arena (especially Warriors) by drafting Aggro Hunter!

The video above goes through:

  1. General Rules and Principles to drafting Aggro Hunter. I lay out the rules that you should always have in your head when you're making those tough draft decisions. (starts at 6:22)
  2. Pick by pick analysis for a draft of a 12 win Aggro Hunter (the full run can be seen here). I try to give comprehensive explanations on why I made each pick, especially some of the more counter intuitive ones. (starts at 17:40)

I felt like I needed to come out with this video guide because Hunters are currently at a great spot in the meta, but people seem to be having very mixed results. Some players have told me that Hunters, especially the aggro variant, just get farmed by Warriors in the Arena. That's simply not true. My last 3 Hunter runs have all gone 12 wins, and if you commit yourself to pure aggression, you can beat down all of the Warriors before they get a chance to stabilize. A quick summary of the General Rules and Principles:

  1. Consistent Curve is EVERYTHING! The following curve is what you're aiming for:

1 drops: At least 3

2 drops: Whatever I can get

3 drops: At least 7

4 drops: At least 4

2) High mana cards are traps, do not take them! Even cards like Violet Wurm and Volcanosaur are never picks for me because you can't afford a dead draw in the early game.


3) Card draws are traps, do not take them! A lot of people know that Gnomish Inventor is bad for Aggro, but the video above also goes through why I never pick cards like Cult Master and Cybertech Chip.

4) Poisonous minions are traps, do not take them! With the exception of Gastropod (because good 2 drops are hard to come by), I rank Giant Wasp and Stoneskin Basilisk very low in this drafting style. You need face damage with your minions, and these otherwise premium minions can't provide enough face pressure.

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5) There is a HARD gap between 4 mana and 5 mana cards, pick 5 mana cards sparingly. As you see in the video guide, I actually pass up on a Fungalmancer and a Bittertide Hydra to pick a Deathspeaker and a 3/4. It's all about curve consistency! The more 5 mana cards (or higher) you have, the less consistent your deck becomes.

6) Beware of too much removal. A lot of players think that because Aggro decks are hurt by taunt minions, they need a good amount of removals…not true. I tend to max out at 5 removals in my deck, and that's a pretty hard cap. You want to make sure that you don't have too many situational cards in hand. Establish the board and go face.

Hope you guys find this video guide helpful! Big thanks to /u/drstein7 for his help and discussions about this topic. If you guys want to see some live Arena beatdowns, check out twitch.tv/grinninggoat. /u/ADWCTA will be playing later tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern, and we'll be discussing the new meta in tomorrow night's podcast, starting at 6:00 PM Eastern.


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