Emote Analysis: The Thunder King!

hearthstone 7 - Emote Analysis: The Thunder King!

A new hero has arrived in the tavern, with one of the most unique and powerful sayings yet! Here I will provide a breakdown of each emote, my personal rating, and a brief guide on how to use them. Like Rastakhan before him, Li Shen has emotes that are not always appropriate in the familiar context, and you need to remember each phrase before you spam ‘threaten’ to your opponent’s power play.

Hello – “Gaze upon my might!”

Rating – C

The Thunder King is superior to all mortal beings, and he knows it. So, if you’re looking for a friendly howzitgoing before a match, this hero is not for you. In fact, if you do intend to use this at the start of a match, it is best immediately followed by the Threaten emote (”Kneel before me!”) to set the tone of king and subject. This works similar to Rastakhan’s Hello (“Welcome! You may bow before me.”) You may also use this emote as a second ‘Threaten’ when you make a power play or drop a giant minion.

Well Played – “Your thirst for victory is formidable.”

Rating – D

The Thunder King has a Well Played emote. But it isn’t this one. You can use it to acknowledge an impressive play by your opponent, or to admire their tenacity when struggling through a losing battle. But don’t say it at the end of the game. I guess you can do it right before you surrender if you lose, but this emote could be deleted and I wouldn’t notice. This is mainly because of the next emote on the list:

Thank you – “You serve well.”

Rating – A

THIS is Li Shen’s ‘Well Played’ emote! Your opponents are tuned to know that when a hero says “Well” they mean “Well Played”. In fact, I’ll bet anyone who hasn’t used his hero will think it actually is the Well Played emote! But it’s even better when they know it’s really Thank You, because it is so incredibly cocky. You are my servant, sent here to entertain me with a game of hearthstone, this emote says. You have done your task well and are dismissed. Yow! That stings! The Thunder King is so frickin superior it hurts! There are fringe uses for this emote mid game, but it’s role as a final Well Played is so critical you don’t need it anywhere else.


Wow – “You surprise me. How unusual.”

Rating – A+

If your opponent makes a boss play, rides the RNG high and screws you over, don’t go for that ‘Threaten’ emote. Nonono, you want ‘Wow’. Anyone who has a scrap of competence when standing against The Thunder King is a rare sight indeed, and they deserve to be congratulated for their fleeting merit. 20/20 Van Cleef? Hm, maybe you aren’t a failure.

Oops – “A wandering mind, perhaps?”

Rating – B

Rarely will you find use for this odd emote, but in its place it is highly effective. Only to be used for very obvious misplays or when either player disconnects from the server for a moment.

Threaten – “Kneel before me!”

Rating – C-

Honestly TTK’s Hello emote is a better Threaten than this. If you’re used to spamming Threaten when you opponent makes a good play (i.e. “You incur my wrath!”), you will have to retrain your instinct. To play this when you are not dominating on board comes off as weak and whiny. If you’re losing, hit the Wow. If you’re winning, hit Thank You. If you want to boast, hit Hello. The only place for a Threaten is paired with Hello at the start of the game.

So there you have it! Li Shen the Thunder King has an intimidating presence and cool superiority, but only half his emotes really reflect that. It takes a while to learn when the right moments are, but I believe he is well worth it! Happy Hearthstoning!

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