Esports Arena’s Specialist Showdown Sponsored by Progressive Survival Guide!

hearthstone 1 - Esports Arena's Specialist Showdown Sponsored by Progressive Survival Guide!

The best of each class have been gathered and it is time for some Hearthstone!

The Specialist Showdown is a Hearthstone tournament hosted by Esports Arena. The tournament features a fun 1-deck format meant to showcase some of the most prominent class experts.

In collaboration with Justsaiyan and Tempostorm, the Showdown is a tournament made to celebrate the community and highlight some dedicated players who may not always get to show off their aptitude in the conquest format.


1 deck with a 10-card sideboard

Group Stage : 3 groups of 4 with players competing in best-of-3 with top 4 overall seeded into final bracket

Top 4: Players allowed to resubmit deck and sideboard before the top 4 on day 3, which will all be best-of-5.

Players – Deck lists and Sideboards:













Day 1 Groups

Group 1 – Day 1 Group 2 – Day 1 Group 3 – Day 1
RDU (Warlock) Zetalot (Priest) DeathStar (Hunter)
APXVoid (Mage) Fibonacci (Warrior) Strifecro (Paladin)
Dog (Priest) Ike (Shaman) Reynad (Warlock)
Orange (Druid) Zalae (Warlock) Gyong (Rogue)

Day 2 Groups

Group 1 – Day 2 Group 2 – Day 2 Group 3 – Day 2
Ike (Shaman) Zalae (Warlock) Fibonacci (Warrior)
RDU (Warlock) Dog (Priest) APXVoid (Mage)
Strifecro (Paladin) DeathStar (Hunter) Reynad (Warlock)
Zetalot (Priest) Gyong (Rogue) Orange (Druid)

Day 3 Top 4 Bracket

  • TBD



Streams (Competitors will be allowed to stream their POV with the same delay as official stream.)

Social Media


Prizing – $10,000 + (https://matcherino.com/tournaments/13039/description)

  • 5th – 12th ($500+)
  • 3rd – 4th ($1250+)
  • 2nd ($1,500+)
  • 1st ($2,000+)

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