Every voice matters except IPad users

hearthstone 8 - Every voice matters except IPad users

Once again, crash and reconnection-failure happened to me a few times this morning. I will collect bug report in this thread until Blizzard fix it or promise to fix it as soon as possible.


  1. The nerfs are great, now please fix the iPad client
  2. Ipad still crashing
  3. Hearthstone crashing constantly on my iPad
  4. iPad client crash bug
  5. Mobile app unplayable for weeks now
  6. For gods sake, please fix iPad’s issue of randomly closing mid-game.
  7. Problem Playing on Mobile (Ipad)
  8. Is the game still unplayable on some iPads?
  9. Game is completely broken on ipad. Literally can’t play. Game just crashes.
  10. Blizzard has finally acknowledged they are aware of IPad and iOS crashing. Please reply to the first link if you are having iPad problems so they know about you.
  11. There have been a bunch of posts lately about iOS (mainly IPad) crashing and the game being unplayable since the nerf patch. This is obviously a major problem, we should really be posting about it in a single place, I think it will get noticed quicker that way. Blizzard needs to all of us.
  12. iOS app is constantly crashing after most recent update (16.0.38203).
  13. Game is currently unplayable on iPad
  14. Hearthstone in ipad crashes constantly.
  15. Bug report
  16. Game keeps crashing?!
  17. iPad keeps crashing and not reconnecting. Started after patch today. iPad Pro 9.7in
  18. Stability issues on mobile after recent patch

English official forum:








Chinese official forum in the past 3 days.

  1. iPad闪退
  2. Ipad闪退
  3. 啥时候ipad闪退能修复??
  4. ipad又开始疯狂闪退了
  5. 苹果炉石闪退问题
  6. ipad pro经常闪退 每天玩最后都会卡死然后闪退
  7. iPad Air 2 经常卡死 闪退

When I search Hearthstone Ipad on twitter. https://twitter.com/search?q=hearthstone%20ipad&src=typed_query

I won't post more here.

Besides, I saw posts on this issues in other Chinese communities (unofficial) everyday.

So according to this thread and this official thread (in Chinese), Blizzard already know this bug 20 days ago! Can't image what if this happen on PC.


Thank you for your support and reward guys. The first time I got reward. I don’t even know what’s it before. If you think this is helpful, give me your upvote and keep your reward!

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