Exodia paladin is incredible now: an analysis

hearthstone 10 - Exodia paladin is incredible now: an analysis

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I decided to try out exodia paladin in this new meta. My results so far are exceptional. I'm currently 17-3 with the deck, going from rank 5 to rank 2. I know it's only 20 games, but I believe it's a very strong deck as it currently has 57% WR on hsreplay and most hunter decks are great matchups. Odd warrior, one of the main counters to hunters right now, is an extremely favorable matchup for this deck.

In my opinion it's a very fun deck to play, being a control deck with an OTK finisher (which does require a few turns of setup of course, but that is usually not a problem). Sadly, as is the case with most other combo decks, it's not very much fun to play against (imo). That's why I decided to make this post which contains a short discussion of the deck.

This is the deck I used (just grabbed it from VS): imgur, deck code: AAECAZ8FCO0Frwe5wQKO0wLj4wLD6gL9+wK9hgMLugH7AdwD9AXPBvYHiMcC48sC7dIC+NICz4YDAA==

Card discussion

  • Righteous protector (x2): This card is good. Really good. But you already know that. Usually blocks more than 2 damage because of the divine shield. Great target for blessing of kings & spikeridged steed & good pull from call to arms.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos: The swiss pocket knife of hearthstone. It draws a card and occasionally provides spell damage for your consecration (which is good for example against hunter spellstones).
  • Crystalsmith Kangor: Surprisingly good, better than I expected when I first started playing the deck. It's an amazing target for buffs such as steed, great synergy with the DK weapon & shirvallah. Even when you pull it with CtA it's still a priority target for your opponent to kill and ends up healing you for 4.
  • Equality (x2): Staple card for control paladins since forever. Obvious combinations with wild pyro or consecration for full board clears (usually).
  • Loot hoarder (x2): Draws a card, can be useful for some minor board control (e.g. I've had these kill a huffer), gets pulled with CtA. Simply great card for this deck.
  • Potion of heroism (x2): Draws you a card and lets you perform better trades or protect one of your minions in advance (such as a DK HP minion). It's also recast by Lynessa, making her even better. These could be replaced by flash of light, but it's usually better to give one of your minions divine shield than to heal them, in my experience with this deck.
  • Wild pyromancer (x2): Used with equality to clear the board, can also be used with other spells (such as the potion) to clear smaller boards of aggro decks. Can also get pulled by CtA in which case it's still decent.
  • Time out! (x2): Very, very good. In some matches it can be a dead card, but it won me the game in more matches than it has been a dead card. You usually can delay playing this till the setup turns for the OTK to give yourself more time in those low tempo turns, but playing this earlier to prevent a lot of damage the turn before your board clear is very good as well.
  • Zola the Gorgon: Part of the OTK setup, to copy either a DK HP minion or a brewmaster. Can also be used to copy shirvallah if you would otherwise die.
  • Ancient brewmaster (x2): Part of the OTK setup to return a DK HP minion to your hand. These are used and not the young brewmasters, because those can get pulled from CtA.
  • Blessing of kings: This deck has a few great buff targets: Kangor, righteous protectors, shirvallah (sometimes). Even on anything else it's usually still good as you can often make a favorable trade after you use it. It also buffs Lynessa, making her a bigger threat.
  • Consecration (x2): Great board clear, often combined with equality but can also be good to use standalone, especially against aggro/zoo.
  • Truesilver champion (x2): This weapon fits this deck so nicely, it's a good control tool. Can usually kill two midrange targets while healing you a bit as well. It also has synergy with Kangor.
  • Call to arms (x2): Even after the nerf, it's still nuts. It basically draws you 3 minions, plays them and improves your future draws as you thinned your deck of low cost minions. Because it plays the minions, you usually get extra card draw (loot hoarders/thalnos), taunts or a pyro which can be used with equality or just contest the board. It's simply insane. Even when your 2nd call to arms becomes useless later in the game, it was still worth it imo.
  • Spikeridged steed (x2): Taunt. Twice. Also can be used to improve trades the turn you play it. Just a great card.
  • Sunkeeper Tarim: This card is amazing in any paladin deck (except odd paladin, I guess). This is a paladin deck. I think I don't need to explain any more.
  • Lynessa Sunsorrow: This card is incredible. I love it. Yeah, it sucks when it gets polymorphed or silenced. But right now, that actually doesn't happen often at all. When you play this after having played only a single spikeridged steed and any other buff previously, it's great. If you played even more buffs, it's gamewinning. It draws you cards and provides taunts.
  • Uther of the Ebon Blade: The hero power is the OTK, obviously. But the weapon you get is also great for clearing threats while you setup the combo. 2 of the 3 games I lost was when this card was in the bottom 2 cards of the deck. That also illustrates the control capabilities this deck has.
  • Shirvallah, the Tiger: Removes a threat and heals you as well. Heals you a LOT combined with Kangor. Very solid tool in this deck. It also often heals you a second time (by then you're back to full health) when your opponent removes it.
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Well, this took a lot longer than I expected. I hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any questions or discussion points please leave a comment 🙂

If this post gets enough attention and if there are people asking for it I could also write a short mulligan guide & explain some matchups.

TL;DR: Exodia paladin is pretty good

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