[F2P] Rank 50 – Legend in 15:12 hours

hearthstone 6 - [F2P] Rank 50 - Legend in 15:12 hours

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Hello folks,
Yesterday on the 25th of may I've grinded my way from rank 50 to legend in 15:12 hours on a brand new account without spending a single penny. Here's my story:

Gif of the legend hitmark: https://gph.is/g/aXpjpxO

Tutorial – Rank 50
Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I thought I'll just setup the stream, do the tutorial and go straight to ranked.
So I set the timer on at 16 hours and started. The stream recorded at 128p. My computer dropped frame-rates dramaticaly and I've had disconnects during the tutorial phase which made me do it again. Basically the first hour of the timer was me switch to another computer with better specs and getting the stream right. Once that was over with, I thought that the ranking could begin. Apperantly the starter quests don't begin unless you've cleared 5 games in solo adventure. I found this out after I played 2 games on rank 50 and lost both matches. Another 30 minutes gone. This was the only real set-back I had. From this way on things went pretty smoothly.

Rank 49 – 5
I couldn't have wished for a better result. During these ranks I've only had 4 loses. The timer went from 1:30 to 8:30 during these ranks. Still 7:30 hours left for the last phase.

Rank 5 – Legend
This is were the real grind started. My win-streak was over and the loses started to happen left and right. For the first 3 hours I was busy between rank 5 and rank 4 – 3 stars. I thought to myself "with this speed I'll never make it". Luckely after playing pretty 50-50 it went at a slow and steady phase, and it took another 3 hours and 45 minutes to get from rank 4 – 3 stars to legend.


Final word
I'm overwelmed with joy after reaching this. But also confused. Eventho the poor preperation I've had it still took 3:14 hours less than the previous "record". So can this record be broken? Absolutely! With the right preperation and slightly quicker turns is very posible.

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I did this challenge for several reasons. Besides my love for competitive gameplay it was also something I did for the community. The amount of negetivity I see on the forums is sad. Seeing all the complaints about how the game is "Pay2Win" – "Only about luck" – "Highrolling" – ect. I get it, people want quick validation and quick rewards. Whenever there's something new, like a expansion, there are so many topics of how people hate the changes and what not. I know that one person can't make a change to that, but I hope that doing this challenge will shed some light on the people that see this game as a joke. A the end of this all I still had 21 packs unopened. Which could be enough to make another high-rank, perhaps legend worthy deck. All I can say is: Practice makes perfect. Learn from your mistakes and enjoy the game.

Special thanks to the friends that came over to keep me company (some traveled as long as 2:30 hours for this). And to Maurice040684 and Kingofjaga on twitch that kept me company pretty much the entire grind.

The deck I used: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1277824-experiment-626

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