First time legendary dad here. Here’s what I’ve learned

hearthstone 1 - First time legendary dad here. Here's what I've learned

Sorry for my english. I've been waiting 3 years to write this post.

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I've been playing HS since WoTOG. I got 9 golden heroes after 2 years but never reach legend. I got a wife, a son, a house, a divorce and a new life through all these expansions. Finally a reach legend this month and I really want to share some thoughts and things I've learned all these years. For begginners, busy dads or people who never reach legend.

0) My run to legend this month from rank 10 was with Mech Hunter (65% WR) to rank 3 and Mech Pala (57,6% WR) to legend. Pretty standard lists with some personal tweaks.

1) You're not special. You're not Kolento. Do you think you have discovered a secret deck that counters all the meta? You're wrong. The decks that works and the decks that not works in the current meta are in HSReplay or ViciousSyndicate. Check it, choose a deck you enjoy playing and learn how to play it.

2) The winrates of the decks are pretty accurate IF you know how to play the decks. I mean If you're not a PRO it's the best you can do because most begginers don't use HS Tracker. Also, the PROs are PROs for something. You can see Trump master this

here but in the real world the deck has a 47% winrate


3) If you add 1 and 2 there are bad decks and good decks, bad cards and good cards, and good players and bad players. I know, seems obvious but think about it. If you're an average player playing that zoo priest deck you're not going to reach legend, simple as that. And if Trump, or Firebat, or Orange plays Mech Hunter from rank 10, they are gonna reach legend in the time you prepare a coffe. Why the hell nobody plays that crazy card? Beacause it's bad. If you play it, you're gonna lose more than you win. If you're going to have fun losing some games it's not a problem but we're talking about reaching legend.

4) The most horrible part of grinding to legend are losing streaks. Because of that, I recommend using a deck tracker and keep an aye on the winrate. If you lose 4 games in a row but the winrate is still 57% you're doing great, don't give up, maybe before the losing streak your winrate was 63% and that was not real.

5) For begginers. Try to learn:

– Difference between aggro deck, midrange, control and combo.

– How you win and how you lose with each of those archetypes VS other archetypes.

– When and how to trade and when you go face.

– What are the strengths and weakness of your favourite deck and how to do the mulligan vs each class. Look for mulligan winrates in HSreplay.

For example, in my run to legend, when to go "full magnetic" with the mechs and when to avoid the magnetic upgrades to put more minions on the game (against Sap, Faceless Manipulator, Silence…) was really important.

I'm so happy. Really worth it. Good luck everyone! If you want to ask me anything I'm glad to answer.

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