From a Priest Player.

hearthstone 1 - From a Priest Player.

I'm a priest player since late Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and this is how I feel about the current state of our class.

It's frustrating keep playing as Priest, not at all fun anymore. It feels like every single expansion Priest falls into the deepest playable place while other classes get cool stuffs and new archetypes, Rise of Shadows is not the exception and I know not every class can shine at the same time, but shouldn't mostly of classes have some decent decks, be fun? You all can say that Gallery Priest and the previous Wall Priest dominated the meta, yeah, those decks were strong, but the only reason they got in the place they ended was because the classes that dominated Boomsday and Rastakhan were nerfed, Druid and Hunter, not because the cards of the expansions themselves. Every expansion Priest is one of the 3 classes with worse popularity and win rate, it was also the case until mid december previous the nerfs told.

I know it's to early to say that Priest is a bad class, but the arsenal we got for this expansion it's nearly useless, A worse Pint Size Potion, A heavier Resurrect Stone based on RNG, A lonely legendary Copycat card for an archetype that doesn't exist, I mean honestly, What are we? We have no board control anymore except for an highly RNG situational Mass Hysteria, we have no ways to deal damage except for an Inner Fired big fat guy. I can say totally sure that Priest will be bad for the next 3-4 months until the next expansion arrives, that IF we get some decent cards, and i don't feel good waiting to blizzard nerf another class and hope that Priest will maybe get a chance with a new deck.


We got 2 archetypes pushed by Blizzard at the moment, Resurrect and Silence, and both of them rely on the same old combo from the Basic Set, Divine Spirit/Inner Fire, and God it's boring, to play and to play against, It's a no interactive game, solitary like Mecha'thun decks are. I dont want another abusive deck Like Highlander Priest was, because it feels like we are still paying for the time it dominated, I want strategy, interactions, calculated games, not this divine spirit crap where the hardest math I have to do is 2 plus 2.

WE ARE THE HEALING CLASS for fuck sake, and its a so sad meme see how many other classes have betters healing tools than us, Im not saying "Don't give other classes Healing cards", please do if you need to, but give us some to us too, not as a joke, the best healing card we have is Zilliax. I can just assume Blizzard doesn't want to give us Priest Players Healing cards afraid of how they will be weaponized for the mere existence of Auchenais, if that is the case, I ask you to HoF Auchenais and Divine Spirit, maybe in that way Priest can be interesting and fun.

I was really excited about this expansion, I really like this game, I know I might sound like a crybaby, but for first time in these 2 and a bit more years I feel desolated about the state of Priest, and I really hope I'm the only one to feel this way.

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