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hearthstone 10 - Getting into Wild

With the upcoming Standard rotation coinciding with the release of Ashes of Outland there are going to be many players wanting to try out Wild. And if you've clicked on this thread then perhaps one of them is you. But how the hell do you start?

This thread is going to give you all that good info! What Wild is like, how to start if you don't have much of a Wild collection, where to see decklists and meta reports, who can you watch, etc. This post has got you covered.


Let's cover a couple misconceptions first.

"Wild has 'no meta'"

Players in Wild netdeck, just like they do in Standard. Players gravitate towards what they think are the best lists, just like they do in Standard.

Wild is certainly a softer format than Standard. What I mean by this is there are a higher percentage of players playing archetypes that are not particularly strong. But this isn't remotely close to a situation where every player at every rank is trying something completely new and never-before-seen. The truth is most players want to win games.

"Wild is expensive!"

Nope. Wild is much cheaper than Standard to play and to keep up playing!

In Wild each expansion makes up a smaller percentage of the total card pool. While there are certainly cases where a completely new archetype can burst on to the scene, more commonly what often happens is previously established decks will simply pick-and-choose he most powerful cards of the latest expansion to add to an already existing shell.

Decks can continue to be refined and change in small ways for years, without any concern of a deck becoming invalidated in the way many decks are in Standard due to rotation. What this means is there are far fewer 'must-crafts' from the latest expansions and investments you make today are often going to still be relevant down the road.

There are certainly very expensive individual decklists that players can point to, but they aren't representative of the cost of the format as a whole.

What is Wild like?

Your experiences in Wild can obviously differ depending on what rank you are and how you approach playing the format. Naturally if you stick at lower ranks you're likely to see more wacky stuff and if you're at higher ranks things are going to narrow towards a more select number of decks. If you want to simply play at more casual ranks Wild can be an oasis of creativity.

Broadly speaking though, Wild is a much faster format than Standard while simultaneously having much more powerful end-game tools. The majority of the best decks are what people might think of as aggro or combo lists, although there is still some room for slower decks to flourish.

Games in Wild are often dictated by powerful single-turn swings, and can be less about incremental advantages over time (although of course this is Hearthstone and tempo matters). You're not often going to be curving out strong minions until turn 8+. More explicitly, the types of decks that might initially spring to mind when you read 'midrange' have very little representation.

On the flipside, Wild has access to the types of highly synergistic and combo decks that you'll likely never see again in Standard. Some decks might make you feel like you're playing some sort of Tavern Brawl! It can be incredibly fun, eye-opening, and refreshing for anyone that hasn't been exposed to Wild before.

Getting Started

If you want to start playing but don't have a huge collection there are two possible approaches that jump to mind.

  • Play the best budget lists in the format or
  • Play lists are similar to the latest Standard lists

Right now there isn't a ton of crossover between the top Standard lists and Wild lists. However, there are three very powerful lists in Wild that make use of few epics and a singular legendary in each list.

  • DgTApVr - Getting into Wild

    Even Shaman (4840 dust): AAEBAaoIAveqAs30Ag7TAb4G1g+yFLUU+6oCoLYC9r0ClO8CsPACnaMD2qUD+aUDrK0DAA==
  • 6WD2q0k - Getting into Wild

    Mech Paladin (3320 dust, excluding SN1P-SN4P): AAEBAZ8FAqCAA5+3Aw6nBZQP6g+EEIUQs7sC97wCn/UC1v4C1/4C2f4C4f4CzIEDh64DAA==
  • YG6fI3I - Getting into Wild

    Secret Mage (3700 dust): AAEBAf0EBMAB2bsCotMCv6QDDXG7AuwF9w2JDte2Auu6Aoe9AsHBAo/TAr6kA92pA/SrAwA=

These lists are all quite aggressive. If you realllly don't want to play something aggressive but do want to try Wild on a budget just let me know and I'll see what I can come up with.

Even Shaman is built around its 1 mana Hero Power from Genn Greymane. The deck buffs its totems, snowballs, and has the ability to push tall or wide onto the board.

Mech Paladin is a deck that makes use of the mechs and the handbuffs. The magnetic mechanic works very well with hand-buffing and the archetype is able to create incredibly tall boards in the early turns.

Secret Mage is based on secret synergies. It's disruptive, has plenty of burn, and can draw its entire deck using Aluneth.

The golden rule of collection-building is "Build decks, not cards". What this means is when you invest you want to make sure you're working towards a playable archetype, rather than a mish-mash of standalone 'good' cards that may not add up to anything. Sure it might be nice to craft that Kazakus but it's not going to do you much good if you don't also have a Reno Jackson.

Meta Reports and Decks

  • wild data reaper report.vicioussyndicate - Getting into Wild

    Vicious Syndicate: A data-driven report which many people may be familiar with from Standard. For Wild these reports are less frequent, requiring 4 continuous weeks to put together without nerfs or new content.
  • Rankstar: An opinion-based report from a collection of legend Wild players. You can access their discord here.

  • Tempo Storm: An opinion-based report which will likely be a familiar name for many, which consistently has a very quick turnaround following balance changes or updates.

There are also reports from other sources including Hearthstone Top Decks and various Chinese organizations which are sometimes translated and posted right here on the subreddit.

neon31HS is someone who curates lists posted on Twitter and is an excellent resource to check out up-to-date lists. Additionally, there have been a number of collaborative deck guides posted on his website.

Streams and YouTube

There are so many players that stream or make content for Wild. Obviously I'm not going to be able to name everyone (including people that I watch myself!) and it's an intentionally very small list as to not overwhelm new people with an avalanche of names. Now with that disclaimer out of the way here are some established streamer who almost-exclusively stream Wild Hearthstone content (of course feel free to drop your fav in the comments!):

wildhearthstone - Getting into Wild
discord server is a good place to discuss the game too.

I'll be sticking around and am happy to answer any questions, no matter how trivial or massive, specific or general. You can also check out the "You have the questions,
wildhearthstone - Getting into Wild

r/wildhearthstone has the answers" threads that have just recently been posted and pinned to the top of the subreddit.

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