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hearthstone 2 - Hall of Fame Craft/Dust Guide

Here is a guide explaining every HoF dust decision and the math behind it. There are always lots of questions on this every year because everyone wants to maximize their dust and not make a mistake. Here are the 2019 Hall of Fame cards:

Black CatDivine FavorGlitter Moth Baku, the Mooneater
NaturalizeDoomguardGloom StagGenn Greymane
Murkspark Eel

Just like last year, you will be able to keep your copies of these card once they move to the Hall of Fame, and you’ll also be granted the full Arcane Dust value for each card (up to the maximum number that can be used in a deck). The dust will be automatically awarded once you log-in after the Year of the Dragon begins. (
22912682 - Hall of Fame Craft/Dust Guide


I. Short Answer

This is the basic answer for every situation which are explained in depth below with examples:

  • If you have a golden copy of the card, do nothing.
  • If you have a non-golden copy of the card you have a choice to make:
    • If you want to upgrade to a golden copy for free, craft the golden copy.
    • If you want to maximize your dust received, don't craft anything.
  • If you are missing max playable copies of any card, craft golden.
  • If you have a non-golden COMMON card, craft golden. (See Example 1 Below)

…and a
visual flowchart for the reading impaired (
PerAspergaAdAstra - Hall of Fame Craft/Dust Guide/u/PerAspergaAdAstra

II. Explanation

For reference, this is a basic crafting table for Hearthstone cards.

RarityCraft RegularCraft GoldenDust RegularDust Golden


  • It might be best to wait to craft cards until the Expansion is near. You might open a card in the new packs.
  • Non-golden and golden cards aren't rewarded separately. Remember, this is max playable copies.. Blizzard will give you the largest possible amount back meaning golden copies supercede non-golden copies. So if you have 2x Rare, non-golden Doomguards and 1x golden Rare Doomguard, you will get dust for 1x Rare non-golden Doomguard (100) and 1x golden Rare Doomguard (800) because the max playable copies is 2.
  • When the changes hit, the dust is awarded to your account. You don't have to dust your cards, just have them in your collection.
  • When the rotation happens, the dust you receive will be automatically based on the cards in your collection and isn't affected by how many copies you have beyond the max playable copies. (For Common, Rare, and Epic cards the max playable copies are 2x. For Legendary cards it is 1x.)
  • You will no longer be able to open the Hall of Fame cards in Classic packs after rotation.
  • There is a special exception for Common cards…again, see Example 1 below.

III. Examples

Example 1: I have any non-golden copies of Black Cat or Naturalize (Common)

Profit: +50 dust per common card, instead of +40, if you already own a non-godlen copy.


Instruction: Because of the dust rates, YOU ALWAYS CRAFT GOLDEN FOR COMMONS. If you have no copies, the answer is obvious to craft golden. But if you own non-golden, it is non-intuitive to craft golden. Here is why you do:

  • If you do nothing, you get 40 dust back from each non-golden you own. (+40)
  • If you craft a golden Common card (-400 dust), get reimbursed with HOF dust (+400), dust the golden one (+50)you end up with net +50 dust instead of +40. (-400+400+50-40=+10 dust profit.)
  • So by investing 400 dust in a golden Common card, when you have the non-golden Common card, you net +10 dust.

Example 2: I have 2x golden copies of Glittermoth (Epic).

Profit: 3,200 dust. (1600 dust each)

Instruction You do nothing. You are already getting the maximum dust back of 3200 dust.

Example 3: I have 2x non-golden copies of Glittermoth (Epic) and want to upgrade to golden.

Profit: 200 dust and upgrading 2 Epic Cards to golden. (100 dust each from non-golden copies)

Instruction: Craft the 2x golden Glittermoths for 3200 dust. You will get 3200 dust back on rotation and then you can dust your non-golden copies for 100 dust each.

Example 4: I have 2x non-Goldencopies of Glittermoth (Epic) and want maximum dust.

Profit: 800 dust. (400 dust each card)

Instruction: Doing nothing will maximize your profit here. You don't have to spend any dust and will automatically get 800 dust back.

Example 5: I am missing a copy of Glittermoth(Epic)

Profit: 0 dust but a free golden Card.

Instruction: You have no profit but you get a golden copy of the card for free. If you never want to play Wild you can dust them for 400 dust each.

Example 6: I hate Wild, I just want dust and not the cards

Profit: Varies

Instruction: If you don't want the Wild cards you can still make a profit. If you are missing a card, craft golden. If you aren't missing a card, do nothing. After you get the dust refund you can just dust the card for profit. For instance:

  • You craft 2x golden Glittermoth cards for 3200 dust.
  • You get 3200 dust back from Blizzard at rotation.
  • You then dust your two golden Glittermoth cards for a profit of 800 dust.

  • Note 1:If anyone wants to make a diagram for the reading impaired like this, I'll post it in the guide.
  • Note 2: If something is unclear in the guide I'll happily edit/change it to help people out. But far too many people kept asking me questions that were in the guide last year and I probably won't answer you all…in fact, you probably aren't reading this… ¯_(ツ)__/¯

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