Hearthstone achievement system and rewards (Card backs, Player titles and other cosmetics with a few packs sprinkled in).

hearthstone 1 - Hearthstone achievement system and rewards (Card backs, Player titles and other cosmetics with a few packs sprinkled in).

So roughly once a year I hop onto the HS reddit to post about achievements in Hearthstone, something I (and many others) feel like should have been in the game a while back. Well with the upcoming solo content announcement just a few days away now and a few months removed from one the devs asking what is one feature players would like to see added I thought it would be a great time to highlight that this is one thing the community would like to see as it adds a lot of replay value to solo content and could also make other modes more fun with different achievements to go after for unique rewards!

Here are my previous posts on the topic:

This time I just wanted to cover the possible rewards.

  1. Card Backs – Blizzard is looking for a way to bring back old ranked card backs for players, why not have them tied to achievements that players can hunt? Remember that pizza card back? why not tie it to an achievement where you win a game with Chef Nomi on ladder? You can tie a troll cardback to creating an all troll card deck and winning a game with it. They could even add a bunch of new card backs when adding achievements.
  2. Player Titles – This has been sort of done before in the Blackrock Mountain solo content and I believe elsewhere where a unique title pops up over the players name. Why no have this be something we can earn and change just like card backs? You could equip different titles to different decks so you could have a title to match the deck and card back.
  3. Emotes – Some of us were pretty sad when Blizzard removed the sorry emote, some of us used it to apologize for the opponents bad luck or say sorry when coming back from being afk for a short time. Why not give players the chance to earn new emotes? You could have each emote unlock separately for each class or hero so there would be at least 9 different rewards to earn for each new type of emote. Have each emote slot around the hero be replaceable with any other emote so you can have your own personal load-out for emotes.
  4. Hero Skins – Blizzard have also been looking for ways to bring back Khadgar and Tyrande for those who missed out on getting them, you could simply tie them to winning a certain amount of arena/ladder games as mage or priest or you could do something more interesting like having players win a game with a pre-built deck recipe that is heavily focused on those characters, so Khadgar would have a bunch of arcane spells and other mages in his deck while Tyrande would have healing, an owl and some elves etc.
  5. Customizable player badges – A small badge next to the players name or title with an image they can change and earn more through achievements, could be a neat way to have pets/mounts represented more in the game and also a neat way to flaunt any achievement you've earned that isn't one of the other four types of rewards you can show off. Having the opponent be able to mouse over the badge to see what the badge is and how to earn it could also be a nice feature.
  6. There are other rewards mentioned in my other posts like themed mana crystals, changing parts of the game boards (like upgrading the catapult in the Orgrimmar map) along with possible pets that roam around the corner of the boards or new animations for classic spell cards.
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