Hearthstone Card Quiz – STATS and Guesses!

hearthstone 5 - Hearthstone Card Quiz - STATS and Guesses!

hearthstone - Hearthstone Card Quiz - STATS and Guesses!

You might remember me from a few weeks back, when I posted my Hearthstone Card Quiz. Some commenters suggested that I add stats tracking and do a followup report. So, I quickly bodged something in to record guesses and right/wrong answers. Here's the results of logging over the past month!

Overall Statistics:

  • 58350 guesses made
  • 33147 right
  • 25203 wrong / skip
  • 56.8071979% correct

Breakdown by Set

SetTotalWrongRightPercent Correct
Curse of Naxxramas89233655662.3318386%
Goblins vs Gnomes38981879201951.7957927%
Blackrock Mountain103243859457.5581395%
The Grand Tournament39952055194048.5607009%
The League of Explorers143565078554.7038328%
Whispers of the Old Gods42002305189545.1190476%
One Night in Karazhan136862774154.1666667%
Mean Streets of Gadgetzan40672120194747.8731252%
Journey to Un'Goro42261818240856.9805963%
Knights of the Frozen Throne40961852224454.7851563%
Kobolds and Catacombs41541701245359.0515166%
The Witchwood42441910233454.9952875%
The Boomsday Project42192024219552.0265466%
Rastakhan's Rumble42512270198146.6007998%

Guess Details

Hardest 25 Cards

Card NameGuessesWrongRightPercent Correct
Ironhide Direhorn22220%
Ravenous Pterrordax32320%
Bloodscalp Strategist323113.125%
Bewitched Guardian262513.8461538%
Bloodsail Howler242314.1666666%
Grimestreet Pawnbroker201915%
Wyrmrest Agent373525.4054054%
Flame Juggler171615.8823529%
Arcane Nullifier X-21333126.060606%
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound323026.25%
Deadscale Knight302826.6666666%
Zealous Initiate272527.4074074%
Gilblin Stalker262427.6923076%
Anodized Robo Cub252328%
Windshear Stormcaller252328%
Dunemaul Shaman373438.1081081%
Leatherclad Hogleader363338.3333333%
Exploding Bloatbat242228.3333333%
Trogg Beastrager232128.6956521%
Virmen Sensei232128.6956521%
Hogger, Doom of Elwynn232128.6956521%
Booty Bay Bookie322939.375%
Darkmire Moonkin312839.6774193%
Death Revenant2926310.3448275%
Ancient Shieldbearer2926310.3448275%
Nerub'ar Weblord1917210.5263157%
Coliseum Manager2825310.7142857%

Easiest 25 Cards

Card NameGuessesWrongRightPercent Correct
Bear Trap2727100%
Mountain Giant2828100%
Ice Block3131100%
Dead Man's Hand2323100%
Kill Command4013997.5%
Play Dead3813797.368421%
Freezing Trap3413397.0588235%
Molten Giant3413397.0588235%
The Darkness3413397.0588235%
Potion of Madness3313296.9696969%
Inner Rage3313296.9696969%
Gang Up3213196.875%
Unstable Evolution3213196.875%

Most Common Wrong Guesses

Card NameIncorrect GuessTimes Submitted
Untamed Beastmasterbeastmaster15
Medivh, the Guardianmedivh14
Weaponized PiñataWeaponized pinata14
N'Zoth, the Corruptornzoth13
Finja, the Flying Starfinja13
Kalimos, Primal LordKalimos12
Arcane Missilesarcane missles12
Lilian Vosslillian voss11
Dark WispersDark whispers11
Volatile Elementalunstable elemental10
Shallow Gravediggergravedigger10
Sewer Crawlersewer rat9
Ragnaros the Firelordragnaros9
Patches the Piratepatches9
Swamp King Dredswamp king dredd8
Bwonsamdi, the DeadBwonsamdi8
A Light in the Darknesslight in the darkness8
Reckless Flurryreckless fury8
Arcane Nullifier X-21arcane nullifier8
Toki, Time-Tinkertoki time tinkerer8
Blood ImpImp8
Pint-Size Potionpint sized potion8
Elemental DestructionCrackle8
Sated ThreshadonSated Threshodon7
Elemental EvocationElemental Invocation7
Eater of Secretssecret eater7
N'Zoth, the Corruptorn'zoth7
Primal Fusiontotemic might7

Common mistakes

Partial names

A lot of people got the minion name correct, but left out everything after the comma. "Medivh", "N'Zoth", "Y'Shaarj", "Kalimos", "Bwonsamdi" all have elaborate followup names that people tended to just drop.


Spelling is hard, even moreso in Azeroth. Some examples:

Fist of JaraxxusSkycap'n KraggAlexstrasza's ChampionWickerflame BurnbristleKara Kazham!
Fist of JarraxusCapn skraggAlestraszas ChampionBristlebeardKara kazam
fist of jeraxxuscaptain kraagAlexstarazas championbristleworthkarakazam
Fist of Jaraxuscaptain kr'aagalexstrazas championBurnbristle WickerflameKara Kazam!
Fist of jaraxxosCaptain KraggAlexstraza's ChampionBurnwickKara kazhan
fist of jarraxxascaptain smthingAlexstraza's GuardWhistleblowerKara Khazam!
Fist of juraxxusScrap capn cragalexstrazsas championWickedflame burnbristlealakazam
Fist of jarraxxusskallag, pirate captainalexsztrasas championWickerflameKara Khazam
Jaraxxus's FistSky capn'n kraggalextrasa's championwickerflame beardbristlekarakazahm
sky captain klarggAlextraszas ChampionKara-kazam
Sky Captain KraggAlextrasza's ChampionKara-kazam!
Skycap kragAlextrazas championKazoo
Skycapn Craggalextraza's championShazam
skycap'n kraaaagTeapot set
skycappn krag
Skycaptain Kragg
Snapkin pirate

…and the real stumper: how the heck do you spell "Pterrordax"?

  • Pterradax
  • Pterrodax
  • pterosaur
  • Pterrodox
  • terrordax
  • pterodactyl
  • pederax
  • phetaradactyle
  • pterrodactil
  • pterrooez
  • pterydax
  • peterodax
  • peteros
  • Pterodax
  • pterodaxx

American / British English mixup

My quiz used the American English version of card names. This tripped up people familiar with the UK spelling, as in:

  • Upgradeable Framebot => Upgradable Framebot
  • Divine Favor => Divine Favour


Two quiz issues caused some troubles with guessing:

  • Elemental Destruction: this card had the correct text and stats, but the picture from Crackle instead. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people guessed based on the artwork.
  • Weaponized Piñata: I did eventually add a fix for this (accepting either ñ or n), but already a number of guesses had been marked wrong for failing to use the tilde.

Pair cards

Some cards come in pairs! People got these mixed up frequently:

  • Dreadscale / Acidmaw
  • Emerald Hive Queen / Emerald Reaver
  • Everyfin is Awesome / Anyfin can Happen
  • Four people said "Divine Spirit" for "Inner Fire"
  • Very few people mixed up Stalagg and Feugen – probably because it says the names in the card text 🙂

"Upgradable" cards

Some people guessed later versions of the cards – or the cards they generate – instead of the base card itself.

  • "Lesser XYZ Spellstone" guessed as "XYZ Spellstone" was very common
  • "The Caverns Below" => "Crystal Core"
  • "Deck of Wonders" => "Scroll of Wonders"

Cards with numbers in name

These are just evil.

Foe Reaper 4000Blingtron 3000Gorillabot A-3
foe reaper 9000Blingtron 5000gorillabot
foe reaper 3000BlingtronGorillabot 0-3
FOE reaper 8000Blingatron-5000gorillabot A-4
Foereaper 2000Bling-o-tron 3000mechanical gorilla
harvester5000Blingtron 3400Mechanoape
reaver bot 9600blongbot3000Mecharilla
Mech 5000

Fun stuff

Just some odds and ends I noticed during review.

Play sounds instead of card text

A real testament to the voice actors is when people would confuse the play sound with the card name.

Card NameGuess
Volatile Elementalunstable elemental (ten people!)
Sen'jin ShieldmastaTaz'Dingo
Booty Bay Bodyguardget behind me
Goldshire FootmanREADY FOR ACTIONN!
Loot HoarderMind if i roll neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Elven Minstrelthere once was a man from gilneas
Kobold IllusionistOwO monsters behind you
Elite Tauren ChieftainStorm earth and fire, heed my call! Widdley waaaaa

New Murlocs

If Blizzard ever runs out of ideas for Murloc names, here's some the players suggested:

Murloc Names
Murloc anglerMurloc Commandermurloc hunterMurloc Puddlehopper
Murloc Bilgefinmurloc deadlyfinMurloc HutMurloc rider
murloc blowerMurloc DirehunterMurloc manMurloc seer
Murloc boyclobberermurloc evolverMurloc marshflipperMurloc Slimehunter
Murloc championmurloc farseermurloc overseerMurloc Sniper
Murloc chefmurloc geddonMurloc partymurloc stalker

New Power Words

Some ideas for new Power Words, Marks of the X, etc:

Power WordShadow WordForbiddenMark of theDruid of the
Power word TransformShadow word replicateforbidden knowledgemark of the beastdruid of the cat
Power Word lightshadow word madnessforbidden treeMark of doomdruid of the blade
power word fortitudeShadow word smthforbidden naturemark of the ravenDruid of the Law
power word healshadow word fearForbidden blastmark of graaldruid of the moon
Power Word GarbageHoly word serenityForbidden lanceMark of CorruptionDruid of the Forest
Power Word Duplicateforbidden shiftingdruid of the groove
power word replaceForbidden Manadruid of the bat
power word sheepforbidden shapelingdruid of the scale
power word deathForbidden shapedruid of the beast
power word doomForbidden summonsDruid of the butt
power word horrorforbidden tentacles (5 guesses!)druid of the cowl
Forbidden LightDruid of the wild
druid of the plague
druid of the something
druid of the pack
druid of fucko

Card commentary and confusion

Some people provided their opinions of cards in the guess box…

  • Nexus-Champion Saraad => i liked this card
  • Boommaster Flark => i dont know if this is a real card
  • Lotus Assassin => The badass art nobody ever saw
  • Warsong Commander => How do i not know this
  • Warsong Commander => Princess Nerf
  • Leeroy Jenkins => 20 damage out of hand is not fun or interactive
  • Charge => just name it rush
  • Volcanic Lumberer => tree on fire what
  • Demonic Project => dirty rat but for warlock only
  • Stonetusk Boar => Restrictive design space
  • Neptulon => FUCK I REMEMBER THIS! Its on the tip of my damn
  • Deathweb Spider => Fake card
  • Paragon of Light => I'm gonna be mad I didn't know this one lol
  • Duskbat => I vont to be included in a deck
  • Junkbot => Hah you can't fool me that's not a real card
  • Moorabi => 400 dust
  • Skulking Geist => Fuck Druid
  • Tunnel Trogg => the one before totem golem
  • Hogger, Doom of Elwynn => hogger but bad
  • Shieldbreaker => is shit
  • Shieldbreaker => new card
  • Shieldbreaker => this is a card
  • Shieldbreaker => Trash
  • Shieldbreaker => wtf this is a card
  • Mimic Pod => Chromaggus Lite
  • Reckless Diretroll => Tusky mc notagoodcard
  • Auchenai Phantasm => Embrace the Shadow on a Stick
  • Ultimate Infestation => HOW CAN I NOT REMEMBER
  • Ultimate Infestation => I hate myself

Some favorite misspellings

  • Earth Elemental => Earthbound Elemental
  • Amani Berserker => Armani Berserker
  • Linecracker => Linebacker
  • Anima Golem => Anime Golem
  • Barnes => Barns
  • Candleshot => Candleshit
  • Ozruk => Ozark
  • Ultrasaur => Ultrasour

Various ways to spell Likkim:

  • likkum
  • likkem
  • Lickem
  • Lickim
  • Lickkim
  • lickup
  • Licky stick
  • Likking
  • Likkit

And some attempts at Fal'dorei Strider:

  • faldori strider
  • fal' do ren ambusher
  • Faldari strider
  • Faldorai strider
  • lmao can anyone actually spell their name

Other Guesses

A collection of other guesses in no particular order.

Card NameGuess
Beryllium NullifierBut that metal isnt magnetic
Maiden of the LakeIron Maiden
Rusty Recyclerwall e
Eureka!Crack addict
Spirit BombKerblam Fragrance by dr boom
ExplodinatorStoned Robosexual
Omega AgentomegaLUL agent
Harbinger Celestiaprincess celestia
Zerek's Cloning GalleryDexter's Laboratory
Dragon Consortdrake, like the rapper
Finja, the Flying StarFinally, the flying star
Mana Geodegeodude
SprintLeg it
Lord of the Arenaol' taunty
Ancient WatcherDoes he have a tea coasie on his head
Coldlight SeerWho took my pupils
Ethereal ArcanistPretty lights for a white guy
Summoning Portaldoor to YOUR STUPID
Rabid WorgenDrunk worgen
Bewitched Guardiantree in art
ShudderwockMy jaws that please stop
SnowchuggerPTSD on a stick
Cogmaster's Wrenchwrench em good
Bouncing Bladebad diy
Iron Juggernautminecraft
Muster for Battlemustard for battle
Force-Tank MAXliterally a tank
Hemet NesingwaryErnest Hemingway
VryghoulBlu man group audition
Tomb LurkerDude skipped leg day, every second day
Chillblade Championsexy gnome
Prince TaldaramPrince not Keleseth
Sanguine Revelerblood manos
Medivh's ValetSir, your coat is on fire
Arch-Thief RafaamRafaam, the Supreme Archaeologist
Toothy Chesttoothless chest
Raven FamiliarThree-eyed Raven
Grizzled GuardianAncient duck
Rin, the First Disciplerin, the last disciple
Master of Disguisemistress of disguise
Feral Ragerawr x3
Shifting ShadeRipped dr Dre
Nat, the Darkfisherpat nagle
Ticket ScalperTicketmaster
SoulwardenIT'S PIKACHU
Time Out!Stop!
Gurubashi Chickenangrier chicken
Cheaty AnklebiterCheeky Anklebiter
Vicious Fledglingflappy bird
Shimmering TempestDerek
Extra ArmsArms
Extra Armsmore arms
Extra Armsmany arms
Kodoriderpack filla
Replicating Menacepack filler
Blubber BaronPack filler Epic
Am'gam RagerBackwards pack filler
ScorchJeff Bezos
Rain of ToadsRaining toads
Rain of ToadsRaining Frogs
Rain of ToadsIt's Raining Frogs!
Rain of ToadsRain of roads
Rain of ToadsToad Rain
Rain of ToadsTOAD STORM
Call in the Finishersall out attack
Call in the FinishersCall In The Murlocs!
Call in the Finisherscall of murlocs
Call in the Finisherscall of the fishes
Call in the FinishersCall of the MRMGLGLGL
Call in the Finisherscall on the finishers
Call in the Finisherscall the enforcers
Call in the Finisherscall the finishers
Call in the FinishersCall the murlocks
Call in the FinishersEnter the Finjas
Call in the FinishersMurloc raiding party
Call in the Finishersmurlocs
Call in the FinishersMurRock
Call in the Finishersnibba murloc thing
Call in the FinishersPrimal fin
Call in the FinishersRelease the Murlocs
Call in the Finisherssendinthemurlocs
Call in the Finisherssummon the finishers
Call in the FinishersYet another shitty card

Final Stuff

Some final statements are in order:

  • To the guy who tried to rickroll me ("httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvdqw4w9wgxcq"), very clever

  • Someone made a SQL injection attempt… keep hacking, friend!

    LOOT_389 Rummaging Kobold 105 DROP TABLE Cards — 1

  • Shoutout to the dedicated HSCJ member who guessed "Flamewreathed Faceless" over 750 times, and which I specifically had to filter out to get these stats compiled

  • And to the guy who was concerned about user privacy:

    EX1_350|0|how many of these are here

    OG_100|0|and why you collect data without permission

    UNG_917|0|thats illegal btw

    GIL_663|0|gj hiding cards behind JS script lol

don't worry: though the quiz will remain, I'm done collecting stats and have now disabled that feature. Have fun!

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