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Hi, everyone, I am a HS player from HS CN server. I’d like to introduce a Hearthstone Addon built by Blizzard HS Chinese official team today. The addon's Chinese name is“炉石传说官方插件”,which means “Hearthstone Official Addon”, short for “HSOA”. So you guys can use it without any concern.

Rastakhan’s Rumble is available now! Official web http://hs.blizzard.cn/hsoa/

Compare with HDT, HSOA is more native with the Hearthstone client. Let’s see how it works.

Major Functions

Deck Import, Deck Tracking, Opponent Card Tracking, Opponent Hand Tracking, Secret Helper, Battle Replays,

Match History and Personal Data.

Traker Setting

Battle Interface

The most recommend functions are Deck Import and Battle Replays.

The interface has all 9 heroes’ decks, players can import all kinds of decks directly by just clicking the import button.

Deck Recommend

Battle Replays is another major function I want to recommend. It is different with HDT replays. HDT replays only can be displayed on the web.


However, HSOA’s Battle Replays just display in the HS Client. IT’s so convenient to review the played games as you are playing the game again.

Opponent Hand Tracking on Replay (by official)

That’s not enough,you also can share you battles with your friends by sharing the battle id, it’s so easy~Here’s one of my battle replays RP:3nqcw9n1hxda452k0vncqfqrh3

(copy the RP code and paste in the replay field) Control Priest VS Taunt Druid.

Replays Interface


Hope you will like HSOA and enjoy the game. If you are playing in HS CN Service, here’s my HS ID 白砂糖#5452 .

At last, download link https://blz.nosdn.127.net/4/hsoa/install/hsoa.client.v1.5.1.2402.exe

Personal Data

Original link

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