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Masters Tour Las Vegas is one of the new Blizzard – Sponsored Hearthstone Tournaments with a large pro player presence, specifically some large names like RayC, Ostaksa, amongst others. With the new major along, however, some odd news came to the frontlines, as through the BattleFy API calls, classes were able to be determined, pointed out by @FriizHS on twitter, as he had posted a class distribution chart that had allowed for anyone on Twitter to see the most popular classes, and other such information that could have been vital to whoever wanted to counter said, classes.

See the original Tweet from @FriizHS Here > https://twitter.com/FriizHS/status/1139478539407900672

While this was announced at an odd time, specifically at ~12 AM PDT, those who were on late at night, and rather than preparing to battle the next day with sleep, were possibly fine-tuning decks, could have used this information in a rather, malicious manner.

Ostaka was a bit upset at it, see that here > https://twitter.com/Ostkaka/status/1139561795641679877?s=19

For example, in the original tweet, it was clear that the largest class represented was Warrior, at around 36, which meant that those who could still edit decks could very easily simply change cards to be better against warrior. If you were, say an Aggro Mech Hunter, let's throw in Boommaster Flark and some Mechanic Whelps with Nine Lives in a sideboard. Now you’re going to increase your win rate in that matchup significantly, which is a warrior was much more along with the average at ~10%, wouldn’t mean much. However, you would have to take the impact that the original tech changes would do normally, and multiply it by threefold, see the problem now?

This situation happened to @PG_rayC, see it here > https://twitter.com/PG_rayC/status/1139636908428943360?s=19

Something else interesting however is that some actual full decklists were leaked, meaning that full-on counters could have been developed in sideboards to those decks, which arguably is much worse than simply knowing classes. For example, if you were known that a Warrior was coming, you could think that it was either Bomb, Tempo, or Control, and with these three distinct archetypes, you could build a counter to the most popular one and hope for the best. However, with the full lists leaked, you could just find out exactly what was being brought and counter only those cards.

@ecoutepasca_HS and @D0nkeyHS Talk about that in their Twitter thread here > https://twitter.com/D0nkeyHS/status/1139559318695686145


To make this situation even worse, those who were living at the venue were reporting that decks could still be changed later than the original lock time, meaning that, say you were scoping out some peoples decks from your monitor, and a trend was noticed, you could have done that. Many people actually did! With those bringing lineups that are also countered by Warrior counters being caught in the crossfire, as @BalorixHS on Twitter had reported an uptick in Hunters, Mages, and especially more control-focused lists with Elysiana in Warrior archetypes.

@BalorixHS tweeted about the classes uptick here > https://twitter.com/BalorixHS/status/1139586855597252608?s=19
Screenshots had been taken of the incident by @PG_rayC, see that here > https://twitter.com/PG_rayC/status/1139560506111356929?s=19

Now while this all seems like a one time mistake by BattleFy’s API Team, some people are alleging that this has been an active thing for a while, meaning that the integrity of ALL Hearthstone tournaments could have very possibly been compromised, as the issue above could have simply compounded along all major tournaments run through BattleFy. The issue with this compromise now falls on the doubt of those who have actually won. Was it through skill? Or did they gain an unfair edge using tools that they kept secret to only their group of friends and began to abuse it in secrecy?

@Xzirezhs talks about it a bit more here>https://twitter.com/Xzirezhs/status/1139592089552007169?s=19

When contacted in the official Discord server, tournament admins had stated that “No decklists are being made available. It was possible to view the metagame data ahead of the tournament via API, but that is going to be fixed shortly.”

Screenshot from @ecoutepasca_HS > https://twitter.com/ecoutepasca_HS/status/1139621865322876928?s=19

The only Priest player in the tournament, Jay Huang, usually hits high legend almost every season, but he was forced to pull out Nomi Priest at the last second due to the leaks, as while a high amount of Warriors would be perfect for his deck, the Bomb Warriors and also the rise in counters to warrior would harm him much more if he had continued to bring Nomi Priest.

The sad story of @jayhuang123 was shown here > https://twitter.com/jayhuang123/status/1139542014142193665

TL;DR: Those who were entered into the Las Vegas Master’s Tour had players decklists leaked, and as such saw that those who wanted to counter the competition use that data to change their lineup to be more favorable against the field.

Thanks to /u/ecoutepasca for a lot of the info, he's been a big help.

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