Hearthstone Global Games – A Call to Action

hearthstone 2 - Hearthstone Global Games - A Call to Action

Yo, my name is Jon, aka Falular (@Falular on Twitter).
I've written a Twitlonger in response to HSesport's recent decision to reinstate the Hearthstone Global Games (HGG), but, exclude many countries who formerly participated in it. The tweet (found here: https://twitter.com/Falular/status/1179556009649561601?s=20) has gotten some traction & a response from Frodan, who said he will "pass it along" – I hope it will get some more support here too. Thank you!

Hello everybody, as most of you know I am a very passionate Hearthstone player, innkeeper, caster, community leader (you name it!) & Blizzard fan from Israel.
In addition to being a massive HS nerd I have represented my country in the 2018 HGG & will also compete in the upcoming Masters Tour in Bucharest, Romania, this October.
If you love Hearthstone I hope you will take some time off your schedule to read what I have to say.

I will start by stating the good:
1. I think that the HSesport team have shown great care by re-instating the HGG as a whole – this has been one of their best performing events by a mile. I'm happy to see it return & that they listen.
2. Shortening the duration of the HGG & placing it in the off-season is a great idea that accomplishes a lot.
3. Changing the HGG's format to a more reasonable BO5 shield-phased conquest is great, especially when compared to the mess we had in previous seasons.

Now that that's out of the way, to the rest (& most important bit):

I have always tried being involved with the greater Hearthstone community, on twitter, twitch & anywhere else really – without this game & WoW I wouldn't have had so many close friends from all over the world, friends who share my passion for these fantastic worlds Blizzard have created for us.
These games, in many senses, transcend borders & nationalities, genders & "races" – they are, truly global in almost every way, BUT, when it comes to their Esports this isn't the case. This isn't a bad thing, I understand the practicality of regions & countries (depending on the format), but, it is paramount, at-least in my view, that once you do this division, you atleast attempt to maintain the level of equality the games create at their core.
Very simply said – when you make me feel like I have equal opportunities to any other player that's playing this game I expect you to back this up when it's your wallet on the other side of the table. Do not exclude us, avid players, loving your games, when it's no longer comfortable for you.


Today, you have done just that, you excluded us – players from all around the world: Austria, Israel, Portugal & many other countries. Countries that were proudly competing in the HGG of 2017 & 2018 are no longer represented.
I can speak only for the Israeli community, but over here, the HGG were a big deal, infact, I would go as far as to say they were the most popular esport endeavor the HS team has ever ventured into.
We have a tight knit community here, numbering THOUSANDS of active players, you see?
We have many events, many LANs, many Fireside Gatherings (I organized A LOT of these) – people were excited to see & cheer for the players they know, the players they voted for, to watch them on the "big screen" pitted against the very best the world has to offer.
I don't think the tournament's format was ideal, but the viewer involvement? you got that shit right – when the community votes & gets to watch the people THEY want to represent their country the most, they become involved, they begin to care.
Needless to say, I believe you made a terrible mistake with this decision:
1. You have taken away a large portion of competitive players out of the esport circuit for the off-season.
2. You have taken away a large portion of viewers away from this, viewers who will have no country to route for.
3. You have taken away the incentive, the involvement, the caring, viewers have for their teams by removing the voting processes (No problem at all reserving a spot for invited players, like you did in previous seasons, but, why take away the vote from the other slot?)

I call on all Hearthstone lovers (or Falular lovers <3), esport orgs, fellow competitors & friends to please, unite on this: Spread the word, share this, re-tweet this, make your voice heard, support this initiative & maybe we could make HSesports/Blizzard listen, increase the roster & invite the countries they excluded back in – we are all apart of this global community, so let's make the Hearthstone "Global" Games actually go global.

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