Help improving in the current META

hearthstone 4 - Help improving in the current META


So I started playing Hearthstone again after some time out. I am currently playing a pirate rogue, I really like the gameplay but I am having trouble against what I would call "sit and wait" control decks. That is:

– Big spell mage: wait, control, and then play big ass shit you can't get rid of;

– Resurrect priest: wait, control, heal from 5 to 30 HP twice a game, play some spell summoning Malygos/Velenn, resurrect, resurrect, resurrect x4 and one shot the opponent somehow;

– Deathrattle heal priest: play quest legendary card, wait, control, play Amara to get to 40 HP, copy her, control, play her again, copy her, etc.

– Full spell hunter: wait, control (lol), play Rexxar, control, play Zul'Jin, profit of 20 spells casting for free;

– etc etc.

So basically, all these decks rely on controlling the board and afterwards on some one shoting-ish mechanics. It feels like I can't do anything to win games against these decks unless the opponent gets some really bad draws. The only thing I can do is play minions and see them die instantly, while waiting for an assured OTK or at least some card I won't be able to handle without losing the game. Feels really frustrating.

However, I know that pirate rogue is quite good, so I might be doing something wrong. My deck list is as follows:

2x Backstab

1x Preparation

2x Deadly Poison

1x Kingsbane

2x Southsea Deckhand

2x Bloodsail Howler

2x Bloodsail Raider

1x Eviscerate

2x Sharklin Fan

1x Edwin VanCleef

2x Hench-Clan Thug

2x Raiding Party

1x Sonya Shadowdancer

2x Southsea Captain

2x Ticket Scalper


1x Captain Greenskin

1x Vilespine Slayer

1x Cannon Barrage

1x Black Knight

1x Captain Hooktusk

Some cards you might be wondering why I added them in the decklist:

– Sonya: I like her synergy with Bloodsail Howler to get rid of powerful boards. Same with Vilespine, Black Knight, Deckhand, etc. However, I might take her out since the decks I'm having trouble against basically never play minions on the board, somehow…

– Edwin: Well I always liked that card. It can be very handy early game, but it can also be useless as hell late game. Might take it out as well at some point, because it actually feels underwhelming.

– Black Knight: This one helps me get rid of some powerful provoke minions like Obsidian Statue. It feels great in the current META.

I guess the rest of the deck should be "classic" enough. There's just one other card that I am thinking of removing: Cannon Barrage. Like seriously, it deserves no purpose most of the time. It stays in my hand, or only deals 6 damage which is pretty bad for 6 mana considering it hits random targets for 3 and 3. This is especially true against the aforementioned decks, which actually clean the board constantly.

So… Do you guys have any advices on how to play against these decks? Or any suggestions considering my decklist? I will be really grateful to anyone trying to help!

Have a nice day,


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