Here is everything I gathered from the stream with Mike Donais.

hearthstone 5 - Here is everything I gathered from the stream with Mike Donais.

– New classic cards are going to be announced in few weeks.

– We will see more in-game shop skins for real money in the future.

– They are working on cosmetics and they are open to fresh ideas.

– Big Priest is "still" being watched closely but nothing new.

– In the future we wil see more cards which are working like reno and even maybe for other classes than Mage, Warlock, Priest.

– RoS was about the bad guys, new expansions should be about other things? (LoE quite possible)

– Mike Donais´s favorite sets are Ungoro and LoE.

– Angry Chicken and Chicken arts aren´t going to be updated ever because it would be distracting for the players.

– There are plans about changing animations for classic cards in the future. (Not every of course.)

– Giant Wasp doesn´t look like really stealth minion with her pink "tentacles", that´s because they had her art first and then they decided to give her a poisonous and stealth because she was the only meaningful card in the set that could have poisonous.

– We will see a better deck copying feature and maybe even better deck sharing with your in-game friends.

– Mike said that special legendary cardback with it´s expansion logo for every expansion would be a nice idea.

– Haro Setting Sun is going to be nerfed next week. (Dalaran Heist)

– Mike is responsible for nerfing cards like Rockbiter.

– We will see more buffs in the future, but they want to try something different than buffs and nerfs in the future too. (We don´t know what or when.)

– In the upcoming sets we will see a card that could make your Pogohopper a 45/45 easily.

– It would be cool to allow golden cards in the adventure and Mike agreed.

– With the next expansion we will see also a new adventure but It´s playstyle might be different.



– We will probably see the most popular Dalaran Heist playable characters as a class skins. (At least one would be great Mike said.)

– Splitting expansions into 2 smaller expansions has been discussed, it would be good as things would change quickly.

– They have 2 lines fixed between bosses from Dalaran Heist (powerlevel-vise) and if any is above or below the lines, they are establishing them accordingly.

– We might see one hero card this year, just maybe.

– Random hero option is a good idea as random cardback option already exists and it wouldn´t be hard to implement that into the game.

– Sometimes they release a 4 mana 7/7 just for the memes.

– They tried to do an "infinity" mode for adventures like if your deck is that good and you want to go more and more, but It ended up being boring. (12+ bosses will probably never happen.)

– A lot of HS devs are playing MtG and they are maybe getting some ideas from it.

– They already did a few cards like "Shadowform" and we might see some more of them in the next expansion. (Dynomancy, Jarraxus, Hero Cards, etc.)

– Mike thinks that the trailer and the theme for the next expansion is awesome and probably everyone will love it. (It´s going to be something from Loe indeed – https://clips.twitch.tv/DelightfulCrunchyCormorantGOWSkull)

– The story of Rafaam will continue with new expansions this year but It´s not being done just about him.

– It´s quite possible that we will see Classic Cards buffs in the future. (It isn´t that high on their list of necassity.)

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