Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed

hearthstone 7 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed

Finishing the adventures detailed last week.

6scSMg7 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% CompletedAfter 1566 bosses defeated, I've managed to get 105 + 1 successful Heroic runs.
As I did with the Dalaran Heist, I've gotten every crown and check-mark in Heroic Tombs of Terror as well as completed the Finale. Check-marks for runs completed with the Jr. explorers do not carry over, so I had to do 9 additional runs.

Of these 105 completions, 71 of them managed to deal the full 300 damage in a single attempt. 17/27 of my runs with Reno went the distance; one unpictured. 19/27 for Finley, 19/27 for Elise, and 16/24 for Brann.

Broken down by wing, I found Wing 4, the Hall of Origination, to be the easiest wing by far. 22 out of my 24 total completions in that wing did the full 300 damage. I think Icarax was laughably weak compared to the other Plague Lords. For the other wings: 17/27 for Wing 1, 15/27 for Wing 2, and 17/27 for Wing 3.

Compared to last week, my ratio of bosses defeated to successful runs dropped from 18.0 to 14.9. As a whole, I found this adventure significantly easier than the Dalaran Heist, which, for me, had 17.5 bosses defeated per successful run. It was more common for a bad deck to be stopped early, in the Tombs, rather than later.

A significant change was that I unlocked the Sack of Lamps. When a special condition is met,
Zephrys Lamp becomes
92342 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed
Sack of Lamps. I believe this condition to be meta-progression over many runs, and not based on any individual run. There is no signal that this change happens. Sack of Lamps does NOT have an offer rate penalty. I believe
92378 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed
Flex-plosion to be the only regular treasure with an offer rate penalty, for I've only seen this treasure twice.

It goes without saying, but Sack of Lamps is insane. If I'm counting correctly, 14 of the 42 decks that went the distance over the last week had this treasure. I don't think I've ever failed to defeat a Plague Lord after being offered Sack of Lamps. It is the most flexible card in the game. It would take too long to explain how to use this treasure in detail. Most commonly, you're looking for Mountain Giant on 3.

Quick tip: Zephrys Lamp will, generally, not offer reach unless you have lethal. The exception is Windfury. Zephrys Lamp will often offer you Windfury if you have a Mountain Giant/large minion on the board and little else is going on. This can set-up tricky lethals that Zephrys otherwise wouldn't see.


I did not keep close track of these rare occurrences, but if I'm remembering correctly: I've only been offered
92436 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed
Bob's House Special 4 times ever
. Two of these went the distance, and both times were the Pogo Hopper deck. I've been offered
92384 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed

Lucky Spade and
92297 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed
Mummy Magic less than 10 times each.

I enjoyed the Tombs of Terror. I feel like the design intentions came across quite well. The adventure felt catered towards many different kinds of players. There are a lot of big exciting combos you can pull off in the Tombs. Story creating moments designed to get you excited to tell your friend about the crazy thing you pulled off. There's a large variety of bosses. I'm pretty sure I haven't faced every single boss in Tombs of Terror. I never played against
92707 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed


I think the explorers feel unique. Reno's most common source of value is random card generation. He's reckless, and his strategies don't make a ton of sense. But he has access to big flashy combos, such as
LipiHQG - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed

Tak Nozwhisker + 0 Mana Reno's Torch, and
nkjvSVC - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed0-mana Cheap Shot + Gattling Wand.

This contrasts with the more well-rounded Elise. Her card generation is more focused. Her infinite damage combo is more consistent: Jr./Sr. Navigator + Radiant Elemental + any 1-mana targeting Spell. A far less flashy combo.

I think Bazaar Bob felt worse this time around. Bob has more options this time around, but some of them aren't necessarily good. So, I found myself leaving Bob without spending any gold fairly often. I've still never taken
Do the Math. The change to the Discover mechanic hurt Bob a lot.

I feel like the bosses, in general, were less memorable than those in the Dalaran Heist. I constantly got
92746 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed

Avozu and
92749 - Heroic Tombs of Terror 100% Completed
Tarkus confused. There were a lot of animals and creatures that didn't say anything. The Plague Lords, as characters, didn't feel particularly memorable or distinct from each other.

This was an interesting challenge to tackle. The flow of the adventure felt different than the Dalaran Heist, and I'm sure someone can complete the adventure with better numbers than mine. It's always nice to have different ways to play and think about Hearthstone.

'Til next adventure.

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