High meta wild decks are cheaper than high meta standard decks

hearthstone 10 - High meta wild decks are cheaper than high meta standard decks

Yeah, you read that right.
First, I'm basing this "objectively" off of the tempostorm meta snapshot. That is not a raw data collection, however, it is a very good view at the kind of decks you'd want to use and expect to use for climbing ladder.
Let's look at some of the picks in tier 2 and higher, and see which is more affordable.
A direct comparison between two high ranking lists: rez priest and even lock, shows that their direct counterparts are both cheaper in wild than in standard. Wild evenlock costs 6920 whereas standard evenlock costs 7360. In wild, your only legendaries are genn and zihi, the latter of which is a replacable tech choice. In standard, you have arthas and bloodreaver gul'dan. Granted, these are pretty common legendaries, but in wild it is easier to win off the back of molten power than it is to win in standard off the back of these legendary powerhouses.
The only non-standard cards on that list are dark bomb, faceless shambler, and molten giant, totaling 1680 dust, with the rest of the cards being pretty common. Meanwhile, in standard, greymane, Arthas, and gul'dan are all about to rotate out. Both in terms of pure dust value and longevity, wild is cheaper than standard here.
For rez priest, the combo relies on cards like malygos and velen, which are expensive niche crafts, as well as a rez and removal combo set of anduin, psychic scream, eternal servitude, and lesser diamond spellstone, all of which are rotating out. In wild, the deck relies on returning the fairly flexible arthas and ragnaros, the priest staples of the obsidian statues, the relatively niche value card Y'shaarj, and the adventure card Barnes, who likely will get nerfed some time in the future. Less dust, more common crafts, less combo focus, and more staying power than the standard couunterpart.
Even shaman, more powerful, lasts longer, costs less.
Ignoring the reno decks, which are not overwhelming in the meta and are defined by being singleton where legendaries are much more emphasized, every deck in wild is either mildly or significantly cheaper than its standard counterpart, is more powerful, or relies on more long-lasting cards, with few exceptions.


To drive the point home, even midrange master's call hunter is cheaper in wild. This is by about 200 dust, because wild gets to run quick shot whereas standard runs lifedrinker, the only rare in the list.
I'm not saying new players should start off investing towards wild, but I do think it's worth getting out of the mindset that wild is to standard what magic modern is to standard. Wild is cheaper and longer lasting, with absurdity, but the absurdity often comes from rotated rares and epics, rather than piles of legendaries.

I say all of this with the following caveat: I am a die hard standard player. I love me some standard, but when I play wild in between expansion lulls, I'm finding more and more that both the variety and the cost is improving, both in general and over standard.

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