How absurdly strong control warrior is right now?

hearthstone 1 - How absurdly strong control warrior is right now?

According to HSreplay, control warrior has 62.4%, which is absurdly high for a control deck, or even any other archetypes (
decks - How absurdly strong control warrior is right now?link). I know a lot of people are already tired of heh greetings, and I'm one of the too. However, I'm not gonna complain (maybe I will kappa), instead I want to go through the reasons I think why they're invincible.


Above is one version of control warrior in the meta.

Early game:

Warrior has the most powerful 1 drops in the game: etermiun rover and town crier. Etermium rover is essentially a 1/3 that at least gives you 2 armor. Of course you can deny its armor by deadly shot/sap it, but do you really want to do this? Don't forget it's also a mech, which means it can be magnetized (which ultimately gives warrior more armor), can be discovered, and, has rush. Town crier is 1/2 battlecry draw a rush card. Compared to novice engineer which has only a 1/1 body for the battlecry draw a card, do you think it's even fair for her? Not only does town crier draws a random card, it actually tutors a rush card from your decks, guarantees you have a really powerful turn 4 play.

One of the most beneficial buff on warrior is our scared boy shaggy: frightened flunky. This card changed the fact that warrior used to have nothing to play but hero power on turn 2. Now they have a decent turn 2 play. And the fun fact is: due to the fact that warrior has no class taunt at all outside of this expansion, it's really easy for him to find himself or the other two op taunts Armegadillo and Tomb Warden.

Turn 4 restless mummy. 5 health or 6 health on turn 4 makes a huge difference. Remember how Blizz buffed Thunderhead? In the past against warrior on an empty board, I could safely play my 6-health 4-drops, such as Thunderhead, Houndmaster Shaw and Vargoth, because I know militia commander can't kill them. But not now. Restless mummy is just that good.

Conclusion: With the introduction of frightened flunky, warrior has a better early curve. Restless mummy makes it possible that warrior can kill any single minion before turn 4 from an empty board. Turn 1 eternium rover, turn 2 frightened flunky, turn 3 1 drop + 2 drop or snip snap, turn 4 restless mummy, is the worst nightmare for every aggro deck.

Mid game:


Turn 5 has always been a crucial turn in an aggro-control matchup. I'm really happy to see warrior doesn't have the slightest idea of giving in. Dynomatic makes vilespine slayer shameful on herself. It can kill a 5/5 without triggering combo, it can also kill two low healthed minions which is impossible for vilespine slayer. You played two giants? Well, that's where my supercollider come into play. Plague of wrath might not be a decent turn 5 play, but combo'd with the small minions you played before, or Dr. Boom's KABOOM (deal 1 damage to all minions), it's an easy board clear. Besides all we've talked about, Brawl is the ultimate answer or any non deathrattle heavy board.

The most annoying part for aggro players is: I DON'T KNOW WHAT GODDAMN YOU HAVE IN HAND!! Play less minion to play round brawl? Dynomatic will destroy your board. Go wide rather than go tall? Laughs in warpath. Two giants? Supercollider is your worst nightmare. Haha I've played around everything! Sorry, not for brawl.

Turn 6 used to be a weak point for warrior too, but Armagedillo comes to rescue it. 6 mana 4/7 is only 1 mana less worth of stats, but it's effect is super powerful. Please be aware: +2/+2 usually is not only +2/+2. On tomb warden it's actually +4/+4, on zilliax you have to consider it's sweet sweet healling effect.

Dr. Boom. Okay… HE IS THE GOD. Pepelaugh -> bottom right.

Late game:

Tomb warden gives you powerful late game stats, 8 mana 6/12 (10/16 if buffed once, can be more scary if Armagedillo was not dealt with in time), taunt, rush, magnetizable, 3 or 4 or more-ofs.

Omega devastator read as: kill a 8/8, kill a 4/4, leave a 4/1. And it's a mech, so it has rush, magnetizable etc etc.

Omega assembly: add anomega devastator, dynomatic and zilliax to your hand.

Also, don't forget sn1p-sn4p is a monster on turn 9. It's basically 12 damage to board.

Elysiana just gives warrior 10 cards to spare, or reduces 10 turns of fatigue damage. So if you're a late game focus deck but somehow don't run Elysiana, you won't be able to out-fatigue him.

Oh, don't be too optimistic if your opponent warrior is low on health. He might magnetize Zilliax or vicious scraphound (gain armor equal to damage it deals) and heal back to full at any time.


Control warrior is a control deck that can sometimes out-tempo an aggro deck (eterniun rover, town crier, flunky, sn1p-sn4p), out-value a midrage deck (Armagedillo, tomb warden), out-fatigue a value deck. Ultimately, he is a control deck that has almost every clear to any possible board. And Dr. Boom is a card btw.

Ruin. Despair. Destruction.

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