How good are the nerfed decks now? A journey into Odd Rogue, Even Shaman, and more.

hearthstone 4 - How good are the nerfed decks now? A journey into Odd Rogue, Even Shaman, and more.

The age-old tradition of Hearthstone has been that nerfs kill decks, often by giving them +1 attack instead of something more powerful. However, the recent nerfs to Basic and Classic cards seemed a little different to me, as they mostly did not touch the core cards of the decks.

Therefore, I went on a journey to try out all the nerfed archetypes and see how good they still are. We can see from HSReplay that they still see some play, but it's mostly just Even Paladin that has regained any level of popularity. What about all the rest? How playable are they?

I wrote about the journey in detail on Hearthstone Top Decks: https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/how-good-are-the-nerfed-decks-even-shaman-odd-rogue-and-more-in-the-post-nerfs-meta/

You can find successful (?) decklists for all the archetypes in the article.

Here's a brief recap with some links to gameplay videos for each archetype:

Odd Rogue

Odd Rogue feels really strong to me, still an excellent and currently underappreciated archetype.

Post-nerfs Odd Rogue gameplay: https://youtu.be/kUPL6-PRKqI

Hybrid Hunter

The biggest surprise to me, secrets did great in a meta where people no longer play against them on regular basis, even though the Spellstone nerf weakened the deck.

Post-nerfs Hybrid Hunter gameplay: https://youtu.be/Tkem6jTesMo

Even Shaman

I expected the Flametongue Totem nerf to hurt more, but the meta is not so fast that Even Shaman would get trampled. Surprisingly good still.

Post-nerfs Even Shaman gameplay: https://youtu.be/w-XYRk3csGI

OTK DK Paladin

With fewer combo decks around, the defensive prowess of OTK DK Paladin works surprisingly well in the current meta.


Post-nerfs OTK DK Paladin gameplay: https://youtu.be/jIg0h9_qi8Q

Even Paladin

Even Paladin is the only nerfed archetype that has come back to mainstream. Equality and Avenging Wrath are slowly creeping back to the lists as well.

RDee's Even Paladin: https://youtu.be/LJjUUnQokZo

Post-nerfs Even Paladin with Equality gameplay: https://youtu.be/SN6gswojq3U

Holy Wrath OTK Paladin

Still alive, but not easy mode anymore. Equality nerf means that margins are thin and this deck now needs careful piloting in order to succeed.

Post-nerfs Holy Wrath OTK Paladin gameplay: https://youtu.be/YWLQF6OipiU

Spell Hunter

The Spellstone nerfs was the closest thing to a traditional nerf in the set, and Spell Hunter is on the weak side. It's still an around 50% deck, so even it is not dead, although it can be difficult to climb with.

Post-nerfs Spell Hunter gameplay: https://youtu.be/7K5bX-Gh0lo

As I mentioned, full details are available in the article: https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/how-good-are-the-nerfed-decks-even-shaman-odd-rogue-and-more-in-the-post-nerfs-meta/

Is all of this good news or bad news? If you're on a budget, it's good news – the decks are still playable with some minor tech changes at most! If you hoped to never see these archetypes again, it is bad news, I guess. Anyway, interesting nerfs overall, as they did not completely kill the decks this time, and I expect many of these decks to see more play before we have a fully stable meta again.

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