How many Doomsayers can ultimately be piloting Sneeds Old Shredder?

hearthstone 9 - How many Doomsayers can ultimately be piloting Sneeds Old Shredder?

So for those of you who don't remember the Shredder cards were all neutral mechs which summoned things on their deaths. Sneed's summoned legendaries, Piloted Sky Golem summoned 4-cost minions, and Piloted shredder summoned doomsayers (well 2-cost minions butt). The idea was that there was another minion piloting these things with the interesting idea of Sky Golem being able to be piloted by piloted shredder which itself was piloted by a doomsayer. Oblivitron is pretty similar, but takes a mech from your hand. However Oblivitron is a legendary shredder which bridges the gap between Sneed's and Sky Golem (or piloted shredder), thus making it possible for the minions who are ultimately piloting Sneed's old shredder to be doomsayers.


For this thought experiment the rules will be simple. The only minion Sneed's can summon is Oblivitron, the only minion piloted sky golems can summon are piloted shredders and piloted shredders can only summon doomsayers. Our starting hand is 1 sneed's, 2 PSG, 2 PS, 2 play deads, 2 feign deaths, and 1 doomsayer

the first legendary we'll be using is spirit singer umbra to make this nesting doll open up with a lot of extras. Making it so Sneed's will summon an Oblivitron which'll summon a PSG which'll summon 2 PS which'll sadly only summon 1 doomsayer as there just isn't enough board space as this 2 (kinda 3) card combo summons 8 minions. Now with 1 doomsayer in the shadowrealm and 1 doomsayer confirmed piloting Sneed's shredder we'll pass to our opponnent who somehow has a giant board filled with 7 deathwings shoved with a dozen divine spirit steroids apiece, because why not? Deathwing 1 eats doomsayer 1, deathwing 2-3 kills the two PS, deathwing 4-5 kills off doomsayers 2-3, Deathwing 6 killing the PSG, Deathwing 7 Killing the new PS, and let's say a shadow word pain finishing off doomsayer 4.

Turn 1 done, 1 doomsayer in the shadow realm, 4 doomsayers confirmed in sneed's old shredder, and the board state is a spirit singer umbra, 1 sneed's shredder, and 1 oblivitron. Turn 2 we draw another doomsayer.

Now we play a play dead on the oblivitron (no sense in making extra oblivitrons and taking up board space now) summon the second PSG which summons 2 PS, which summons doomsayer #5 and sending another 1 to the shadow realm. Pass turn and the deathwings clean up the doomsayers and PS bringing the total to 8 doomsayers in sneed's shredder.

Turn 2 done, 2 doomsayers in the shadow realm, and 8 doomsayers confirmed to be piloting Sneed's old shredder. board state is a spirit singer umbra, 1 Sneed's, oblivitron, and 1 PSG.

Turn 3 we draw a piloted reaper for the doomsayers in hand, and play a play dead on PSG, for another PS and doomsayer #9. Let the deathwings take care of the PS and doomsayers #10/11 along with the shredder giving us a board of SSU, 2 Oblivitrons, a PSG, a PS, and doomsayer #12 with the doomsayer dying quick.


Turn 4 we kill off one of the oblivitrons bringing out one of the PS from our hand and doomsayers #13/14. Deathwings kill them leaving a boards of SSU, 1 Oblivitron, a PSG, and 2 PS.

Turn 5 we kill off the second Oblivitron bringing out the second PS from our hand and doomsayers #15/16. Deathwings kill them leaving a board of SSU, a PSG, and 3 PS.

Turn 6 we drop the Piloted reaper which summons doomsayer #17, and the deathwings kill it giving us doomsayer #18 which swiftly dies as well. Then the deathwings kill off a PS and doomsayer #19 to try to make some more board space leaving us with a SSU, PSG, and 2 PS

Turn 7 we play a feign death creating 1 PS, doomsayers #20/21 and a third doomsayer sent to the shadow realm. the new PS gets destroyed creating doomsayer #22 who is promptly murdered with his colleagues. Leaving us with a board of an SSU, PSG, and 2 PS

Turn 8 we play the second feign death and repeating turn 9 giving us 3 more doomsayers and another shadow realm doomsayer. for a total of 25 doomsayers and 3 shadow realm doomsayers.

Turn 9 we draw Baron Rivendare and play him and kill of one of our piloted shredders to give us doomsayers #26/27 and then the second piloted shredder for doomsayers #28/29. all of which gets killed off by the deathwings giving us a board of SSU, BR, and PSG.

Turn 10-14 we draw terrorscale stalkers, fireworks techs, and a princess huhuran and use them one at a time on the PSG giving us 2 piloted shredders, 1 doomsayer, and 1 shadow realm doomsayer. the doomsayer then dies, one of the piloted shredders dies giving us 2 more doomsayers, they die, and then the second piloted shredder dies giving us 2 more doomsayers. With each turn giving us 5 doomsayers and 1 shadow realm doomsayer over 5 turns gives us 25 extra doomsayers and 5 shadow realm doomsayers giving us a total of 54 doomsayers and 8 shadow realm doomsayers.

Tun 15 PSG dies and we are left with two piloted shredders with doomsayers #55/56. the doomsayers dies along with the sky golems giving us doomsayers #57/58/59/60. With the last traces of Sneed's dead the question of how many doomsayers that can currently be fit into a Sneed's shredder is 60.


Notes: Probably made some error somewhere, probably could've squeezed out another doomsayer or two somewhere, but at this point I feel like i'm just spent on this problem.

Do not count Nine Lives as part of Sneed's as the card that gets discovered isn't a part of the original sneed's shredder.

Feel free to make a better one if you really want to.

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