How To Beat Evolve Shaman

hearthstone 8 - How To Beat Evolve Shaman

You may not like it, but a part of this comes down to luck so I will get that out of the way right now. If he has the Desert Hare and Has evolve the same turn (turn 4 or turn 3 with the coin) you are probably going to lose minus some AMAZING luck on your end like Wild Pyromancer and several spells in Combo priest or just a previously good board state before the Evolve play. Additionally, you can’t control what Lackeys he gets so if he keeps getting the perfect ones there is LITERALLY nothing you can do about it.

NOW on to what you CAN control. Basically what you want to do into this matchup is play around everything that INS’T the evolve play and I will explain this in a few steps.

  1. Always have a wide board. I know what you are going to say, this plays right into MC Tech but as long as for the most part your minions are weak it is unlikely he takes the strong minion (or if all your minions are weak he doesn’t gain that much anyway). The reason that this is strong is because his battlecries can only target 1 minion at a time and if you can get him to use them on a wide board of minions, then he can’t use the bust damage on you and that limits a lot of his potential.
  2. You have to go aggro. This is something that you need to do against all quest decks because if you get into a winning position before the quest is completed then you basically win the game after a few more turns of formality.
  3. Play to your late game strengths. I noticed that even though several quest decks have huge power spikes after the quest, they still can’t compete with some of the late game power of some other combos (Like Combo Priest Amet and Psychopomp play late game with maybe 1 extra minion, Zul’jin with Hunter, and Stormbringer and bloodlust in shaman if they get a board to stick for a turn or 2 with Soul of the murloc). Point is, after their power spike they dip off a little late game after they use a LOT of resources to make up for the turns they lost building up their quest, so take advantage of that. Like, if Quest Shaman doesn’t get Shudderwock, they run out of gas surprisingly fast.
  4. Put in some tech cards. I run a Hungry Crab in several of my decks as a GREAT way to beat an Early Sludge Slurper play (or any early murloc play for that matter) which is a HUGE swing in tempo and with the removal and added stats, the Aggro strategy looks a lot more promising.
  5. Save removal you have for 1 of 2 things. First, for his setup turn (if it looks like he is building up a board to evolve). Second, AFTER he evolves the board if he makes the play without giving you a turn to react (which can happen at any point so hold on to removal for as long as you can basically).
  6. Don’t play greedy unless you have to. In the video I am about to show you there is a play I make early on where I play an explosive trap hoping for great value, but if I had played on curve I would have had a better result and ultimately it hurt my gameplay a little bit and I had to comeback. Unless you HAVE to (because his board is stabilizing or you fear an Evolve play next turn) don’t be greedy.

If you all liked this please go to my blog. The info is no different but the support is nice and there is a video showing several of these steps on there as well.


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