I finally finished my ~5-year-goal of a full golden classic collection as a f2p player (+ obligatory Millhouse crafting video)

hearthstone 2 - I finally finished my ~5-year-goal of a full golden classic collection as a f2p player (+ obligatory Millhouse crafting video)

Hello everyone,

I'm Qotsa, hearthstone enthusiast, arena specialist and persistent card collector since six years. Two days ago I finally managed to get enough dust to craft every single golden card from the original classic set including the cards that went into the hall of fame. The newer classic cards like Icicle or Rightousness I do not really consider as classic. I consider myself a f2p player because I only spent 2€ for the Mekkatorque promotion long ago and 8€ for some gifted packs to a friend.

I started the goal for a full golden classic set short after Blizzard enabled golden cards in the arena, which is a long time ago. First it was kind of a joke, but I had accomplished every other personal hearthstone goal quite early and so I had to motivate myself. Also I was sure that the classic set will always be part of the arena and so I decided to craft one golden card every time I reach 12 wins in the arena. I did this until I had one card of every duplicate to keep the chances high I open a new card from packs. The last 3 years I collected dust, bought some classic packs from time to time and played a lot of Arena. Two days ago I disenchanted every duplicate, keeping golden cards of other sets over their regular versions.


Arena is my game mode and will always be although it is very difficult for me to enjoy it at the moment. As someone with a greater desire to win then to have crazy random stuff happening, cards like the "discover a dragon" cards or the Dragonqueen are frustrating. Also the vanishing of the Arena leaderboard (Best placement: Top5 EU) was not very motivational. I guess I will continue playing from time to time but the gamemode has lost its magic for me.

Was it worth the time playing for years to achieve such a ridiculous goal? I think I would do it again even If I know how crazy it is. I had the time available due to being a student most of the past years and even though I could have read more than 1000 books in that time or travelled around the world per bike or invented my own CCG I decided to spent around 10k hours (roughly estimated) in a childrens card game. And I had a lot of fun and most likely learned some things, found some friends and discovered some great streamers as well.

Anyway, here are some links to proof and an overview over my beautiful golden collection. 🙂



P.S.:As I am not a native speaker, please ignore spelling or grammar mistakes. 😉

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