I have finaly “completed” Hearthstone!!

hearthstone 8 - I have finaly "completed" Hearthstone!!

Hello good people of reddit. The time has come for me to tell you how I don't have many friends but I really REALLY want to share my achievement with someone. I never wanted to share any of my in game milestones, because I thought it wasn't a big deal, but I feel like this one is, so thank you for being here so I can share this moment with you.

TL;DR: Been playing from the release. Finally got all 9 golden portraits, managed to get to legend once and finish a 12 win arena run. Here is the link.

Today I've finally got all 9 golden portraits. It might not be that impressive anymore especially since I've been playing almost from the release, but it still feels amazing and weird at the same time. I can now finally go back to classes I haven't played for months. Maybe even play arena again.

Here's a "brief" recap of my HS history:

– my favorite class in the beginning was Paladin (ironically he was one of the last in my golden collection)

– my first competative deck was Zoolock

– first opened legendary was Malygos (got dusted)

– first crafted legendary LEEERRRROOOOOY JEEEEENKIINS. Still remember that awesome feeling when I've been grinding and grinding for weeks, disenchanting practically everything from classes I thought I would never play. And finally be able to push that Craft button.

– next stop Miracle Rogue. I was playing MTG at the time, and my favorite deck was Storm, which was kinda similar to Miracle Rogue. It lacked Edwin, but getting Leeroy and two Preps was hard enough at that time.

– I had a crippling ladder anxiety so I only played casual for months (missed a lot of wins for the portraits), but gradually I was able to start playing ranked

– I almost never played on the phone, because it always just felt kinda weird to me

– after a year of playing I got my first 12 win arena run with Paladin (my first big achievement)… the cool part I got another 12 win run the next day


– managed to get 12 wins also with Warlock and Priest

– my first golden portrait was Warlock (don't remember anything about it)

– after getting a full time job I started buying expansions and pre-orders, but looking back at the "grinding" days, the game actually looses some of it's charm

– I didn't disenchant cards when the wild format was introduced, because I like to have more versatility in the game and luckily because I can also afford it

– fast forward to the year of the shamanstone. On december 31. 2016 one hour before I was meeting with my friends for the new years party, I almost got to legend for the first time. But I lost to the final boss and then lost three more games in a row. Probably one of my most frustrating moments in the game.

– in 2017 I got two more golden portraits Shaman and Rogue… Was super proud of Rogue, because I was always getting the vibe that only "pro players" have a golden rogue.

– 2018 finally got that legendary cardback, to my surprise I made it with dragon/mindblast priest deck that I meshed together from few different decks… I was never a big fan of priest but I remember really enjoying this deck and to my surprise I got to legendary pretty naturally just by playing, it didn't feel like a grind, so that was quite a shocker at that time

– and today the final milestone… I got my final 3 golden portraits Hunter, Paladin and Druid. They were all at around 430 wins when I started focusing on them so I decided to bring them all to 499 and finish them all at the same time

Well that's it, the last thing I want to say is thank you to my girlfriend for being so cool and supportive all this time and for knowing when to tell me to stop if the game was getting me too pissed off. Thanks also to the salty Hearthstone community and everyone who contirbuted to my goal 🙂

See you outside.

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