I have to say, as a returning player, playing wild has made me much happier.

hearthstone 6 - I have to say, as a returning player, playing wild has made me much happier.

I quit some time ago, I think around the time Razapriest was nerfed. I just couldn't deal with keeping up with the meta, as well as crafting standard decks that made me disenchant legendaries, as well as the game just overall becoming really stale after the first two or so weeks. I decided to give the game another chance after seeing the demonhunter class, and this time I just decided I'd play wild instead of standard because I don't have a lot of the newer cards. Seeing all those nostalgic cards, as well as playing some against and with some of the most bullshit decks has really made the game much more enjoyable in a sadistic way! I played a ton of druid before, and I saw a Kael'Thas deck floating around, where the goal was to use the sidequest or the flowerpetal guy to discount your win condition of Malygos or Kael, then burst the enemy down in one turn. Kael was an absolute blast (I think with UI the card is actually busted) and got me out of so many sticky situations where I thought I'd be dead! I felt so dirty afterwards as well, but it was a really challenging deck that needed a lot of thought to whether you'd want to break the combo down if you needed to live. I recently crafted a cubelock deck, another deck I really liked before I left! Hearing the bald guy declare "I am MALGANIS, I am a TURTLE!" really brought back memories too! Some other ones that I really missed were…


Azure Drake's "Ngaaaaaah"

Healbot's "Back from the junk heap!"

Yogg's "BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD OF DEAAAAATH" (Also had a ton of fun with jade + yogg Druid, I don't care if I win, I just wanna see Mr. Tentacle do crazy shit)

It's a shame the lifesteal was nerfed though, otherwise I'd craft a mill rogue deck again with Kingsbane as the win condition…

Also also there was this really nuts warlock deck, where they summon a bunch of imps on one turn and then pull everything from their deck with a spell, that made my jaw drop playing against that one! Absolute nuts, how the crap does someone beat that?

I'm going to save a bit of dust and see if Demon Hunter is really fun or not, but I also really want to craft machine gun priest again, except when I took a look at the decklist it's so expensive… I'm missing multiple legendaries (Raza is a must though) like Raza/Zephyrus and Kazakus… so I'm really looking forward to DH drop soon!

Hope you guys have a good day!

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