I hope the next expansion takes us to Pandaria, and this is why

hearthstone 10 - I hope the next expansion takes us to Pandaria, and this is why

I have thought about this for quite some time and I wish to make the case for Pandaria being the location of the next expansion.

  1. Geographic Flavor hearthstone has given us a tour of the World of Warcraft (heh). From referencing certain raids like Naxx or TGT, to exploring certain locations like in MSoG, Witchwood or Rastakhan's Rumble. Most of Azeroth has been explored, except for Pandaria. While we did get a bunch of Pandas and some Pandaria flavor in MSoG, we didn't get Pandaria itself, and it would be wise of Blozzard to explore that. Which brings me to point #2:

  2. Pandas are under-represented. According to 2017 statistics from the Bureau of Azerothi Representation (BOAR), there are currently thirteen cards containing Pandas in HS, excluding tutorial-specific cards. A similar case was made for and Worgen Troll under-representation before WW and RR, and then we got those expansions so now we're good. The only other sentient PC race to be as under-represented are the Tauren, but they have plenty of representation in certain spell cards. If Blozzird really cared about racial equality, they would give us more Panda minions. Which brings me to point no.3

  3. More Tribes. There are currently three Pandas in standard: Cho and the two Brewmasters. Of all other Panda cards in Wild, only Aya and maybe Disciple of C'Thun saw some sort of serious play. This means Brozzort can quietly add another Panda tribe to the game without worrying to much about breaking existing cards. The only thing that would need to be modified is the Nightmare Amalgam, but all Bloozoorp would have to do is change the card text and give him like a samurai headband or something. Which brings me to my final point.

  4. MONKS. With Knights rotating out, we're going to lose most of the game's Hero Cards in standard, as well as the whole concept of Death Knight Heroes and Cards. Adding an extra Hero Card for each class in the Panda expansion would remedy that and I'm sure the lore geniuses over in Blorzzporz could figure out Alt versions of each hero becoming an Otaku and joining the Order of the Clenched Butt or however those Pandas call themselves. Like, who wouldn't want to play a card called Jaine the Mistweaver, Thrall, Chi Master or Garrosh, Disciple of Kenshiro.

So. to conclude, I think Pandas should be the next expansion and Bloorpgoorp would be wise in taking my advice. Thank you for coming to my PAND talk

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