I made another summary of answers from last stream with Mike.

hearthstone 9 - I made another summary of answers from last stream with Mike.


ImpartialNeighborlyReubenNerfBlueBlaster - I made another summary of answers from last stream with Mike.

Another potential "spoiler" for Loe and desert as we didn´t see any other desert kind of expansions than Loe?

There is a card in the next expansion that was really hard to create and a lot of people worked at it.

BelovedMushyLionPastaThat - I made another summary of answers from last stream with Mike.

We might see a Finley one day again.

– There will be a few meme cards in the next expansion. (They have few of them for every expansion.)


– Possible nerf for Big Priest in Wild would be primary Barnes, because nerfing all the ressurect effects would kill every other deck types (probably).

– Mike was also asking about what Wild people want to nerf in Big Priest.

– They are getting a ton of questions about Big Priest in Wild.

– Mike is actually playing wild a lot and his favorite deck is Reno Mage with N'Zoth. (Didn´t share his decklist tho :/)

SNIP SNAP is not being really played in Wild so no nerfs needed.

Naga the Sea Witch didn´t have that big winrate, but she was nerfed because It wasn´t fun to lose against that combo.

It´s "possible" that we will see a balance patch for wild. (Probably not tho, might be answered in general.)


– More "Glowing" types around cards has been already discussed but nothing to announce. (Mike said an example that they wanted to do a special red glow around E.V.I.L cards.)

CaringHonestAsparagusKevinTurtle - I made another summary of answers from last stream with Mike.

There might be a new hero card with Bartender Bob in the future.

– Removing "The Darkness" from the random generating cards (Evolve, Summon effects, etc) has been discussed and it might happen in the future.

– Expansion hints (as we saw with New Year announcement) are made to not spoil anything and they might be done to confuse players.

– We might see a new board design in the future with cards placed on it facing down to show everyone better your cardback and also clicking on the cardback would show it´s full art. (But it was just an idea and Mike said that it would be hard to get done.)

– Indicator for Hagatha´s token (Drustvar Horror) will be added in the future because a lot of people is asking about that.

In the future we might see George as a playable hero skin, but they are hearing our feedback about who we want to see.

– Mike said that they should explore more Sha characters (Like Shaku the Collector), as they have a really cool strories to tell.

– One day we might see more quest cards.

We might see a new permanent mode in the future (something like adventures).

– They already spoke about Nozdormu effect Tavern Brawl and longer turn-making cards but they were too hard to make, so they gave up on these ideas.


– Ben Brode actually hired Mike to work with him.

They have a special "Button" in their office at Chad´s desk which is doing Ben Brode's laugh if they press it.

– Jason Chayes is not in the team anymore, but they are speaking to him time to time to discuss things.

Thanks for reading and If I forgot something, let me know.

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