I’d like to pitch you my idea for a new format that I think would be a fun and healthy inclusion to the game. I call it Zodiac:

hearthstone 6 - I'd like to pitch you my idea for a new format that I think would be a fun and healthy inclusion to the game. I call it Zodiac:

In Zodiac, all cards from the game’s history are available, just like Wild. But, when you build a deck, you will select one of the Years of Hearthstone, and then you can only include cards that were available in Standard during that year.

When you go to play a game, you could still be matched up with decks using cards from other Years. So, for example, you could choose Year of the Kraken and build a C’thun Warrior deck, and then play against someone who chose Year of the Mammoth and is running Quest Priest. Zodiac allows for some of the freedom of Wild, while still staying more in line with the power level of Standard.

Here’s why I think including this format would be healthy for Hearthstone:

1. It lets more cards stay viable after they rotate.

While Wild technically lets you use any cards you want, its power level is much higher than Standard, so only the best of the best decks can actually compete. There are lots of cards/archetypes that may have been powerhouses during their time in Standard, and a lot of fun to play, but become dead weight once they rotate out. Zodiac would be a place where those cards can continue to thrive and compete.

2. It’s more accessible to newer players than Wild.


For those players who haven’t been playing since the beginning of the game, the Standard rotation can seem very harsh. You’ve spent all this time and/or money building up your collection, and then a new year rolls around and suddenly they’re all illegal. You can try to take your old decks into Wild, but if you do you’ll most likely get torn apart. All these guys are playing with crazy cards and combos you’ve never seen before, and it seems like if you want to be able to compete at all, you’ll have to craft a bunch of new cards. It can feel like your hard-earned collection might as well have been flushed down the toilet. Zodiac would give these players a place they can go to still have fun with their beloved cards, while giving them a bit of exposure to the expanded catalog of cards. Which leads well into my final point…

3. It could act as a gateway into Wild for more players.

By playing Zodiac, non-veteran players will get to see and experience the cards that Wild has to offer, without having to craft those cards themselves or get trounced by Wild players. This could help people get an idea of what Wild cards they might want to start working towards, and get them excited about the possibilities that Wild has to offer, instead of just getting discouraged. This is good for Wild players, because more people playing Wild means a healthier format, and more attention from the developers; and it’s good for Blizzard, because it means opening up more people to the market for older expansions.

So that’s it. Please let me know what you think, if you have any questions or suggestions. To try to address some questions or concerns you might have, I’ll leave an FAQ in the comments below.

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