[Iksar tweet] Yet another response

hearthstone 8 - [Iksar tweet] Yet another response

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I've been playing Hearthstone ever since BRM came out, I've had ups and downs with the game, enough that I've disenchanted my entire collection once and then came back later when Ungoro came out. Lately I've been playing less and less hearthstone, mostly switching to other games like auto chess.

So, I was thinking, instead of saying what would make me want to come back to the game, I should say what makes me want to play less and less hearthstone. I'll start saying what other people already voiced here.

  • Polarized/unwinnable matchups: Well, that's the number one reason that make me wanna quit hearthstone. Wherever I queue into a match with let's say my control warrior deck and the opponent is playing Mecha'thun priest, it's over from the start. I have 0% chance of winning that matchup and nothing I could do would change that. I wish there was some kind of counter play available, dirty rat was a good example, blizzard should start to print some good counter play cards for all the classes. Cards with some drawback that can improve some matchups a little bit. Right now there's none, except warlock.

  • Too many combo/OTK decks That's another reason that makes me really sad about the current state of the game. Example here is Zerek Priests, Maly Druid, Hakkar Druid, DK Pally and many others. Those games just don't feel like I'm playing really, I'm just waiting for the opponent to rush and draw his entire combo and kill me. I'm not sure what Blizzard should do here, maybe step in and nerf broken stuff more often, I'ts just not fun waiting 15 minutes just to watch your opponent mind blast your face for 80.

  • Infinite Value cards I'm looking at you DK Rexxar! Well, I know Iksar already said they want to stop printing cards like that, but damn, DK Rexxar really pisses me off. Hunter can start the game going aggro as fuck and after running out of burn just play Rexxar, clear the board and generate chaos for 20+ turns, which well never have enough removal for. Please don't ever print something like that again.

  • Baku and Genn should never been neutral I mean, I hardly believe that no one on Blizzard tought that releasing those 2 cards would result in a balance nightmare for the next 2 years. Basicly you guys cannot print any good odd card for rogue, paladin, warrior, mage and possibly priest. Nor can you print even cost effective minions for paladin, shaman, warlockand maybe some other classes. Cards like that are ok for being class cards, like Baku should've been Warrior and Genn Paladin.

  • What I used to like about hearthstone I miss the game when we had to manage our resources, when smart decisions mattered, when we had to take care about our mana, our remaining cards. Do I use this board clear now or wait some more and take some damage? Should I draw some cards or hope to fight in fatigue? None of that really matters now, it's just about getting that combo and OTK'ing your opponent.

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