I’m done with this game.

hearthstone 8 - I'm done with this game.

I loved and played this game since whispers of the old gods. I was addicted and I easily spent 8+ hours a day playing this. I used to hit 30 matches a day 5 or 6 times a week. But I am. In total I have spent well over £2000 for this game. And what do I have to show for it? A bunch of wild cards which need other legenadeies to be useful. 3 standard decks, and no dist leftover for even a common. This game is getting far too expensive and people keep throwing their money into it. Many people say that HS isn't pay to win but look at the best deck in tier 1 one right now (hsreplay). Secret highlander paladin needs 9 legendaries, sure 3 of them are free but what about the other 6? That's 9600 dust for just a fifth of the deck. Remember back when we could a make an entire tier 1 deck with that dust? 70% of decks in tier 2 and above contain 4 (6400 dust) or more legendaries and the amount is just gonna keep getting higher. As f2p players grind for months and finally get enough dust to craft one deck like this they'll have gone out of the meta, then they'll craft another deck which'll eventually go out of the meta and the cycle continues. Eventually leading to the f2p player getting frustrated, bored and leaving. Blizzard is obviously trying to to turn meta towards legendary cards, hence why they are printing more and powerful ones. I'm done with this. I already took a break from this game for a few months and I came back because of this event thinking I could try some new decks. And to no ones surprise I'd have to spend another £50 minimum if I want to craft one deck. Not to mention when these free legendaries rotate out this deck will either be useless or severely underpowered. Again another example of blizzard trying to make money by giving us 'free' legendaries. This game is only fun if you consistently spend money in it like I used to, if not I guarantee you'll quit within 1-3 months.


I've said everything about this game and you dont have to agree, but just a heads up if you're f2p, you might as well quit and do something productive with your time than waste on this game. And to all those people who pay, I hope you have fun, if you enjoy the game enough to spend money on it good on you, not my place to judge.

Also as a sidenote this community is toxic af. I now auto mute all my opponents since if they even get a tiny lick of rng the 'wow's and 'your soul shall suffer's comes out. Not to mention 'a recent opponent would like to be your friend'

Also this post doesnt have anything to do HK. I'm not doing this because of Blizzard's controversy, the timing was just a but off.

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