In Depth Legend Midrange Hunter Guide

hearthstone 9 - In Depth Legend Midrange Hunter Guide


### midrange

# Class: Hunter

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Raven


# 2x (1) Candleshot

# 2x (1) Dire Mole

# 2x (1) Springpaw

# 2x (1) Timber Wolf

# 1x (1) Tracking

# 2x (2) Crackling Razormaw

# 1x (2) Flare

# 2x (2) Hunter's Mark

# 2x (2) Scavenging Hyena

# 2x (3) Animal Companion

# 2x (3) Kill Command

# 2x (3) Master's Call

# 2x (3) Unleash the Hounds

# 1x (4) Dire Frenzy

# 2x (4) Flanking Strike

# 1x (5) Tundra Rhino

# 1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar

# 1x (6) Savannah Highmane



So this is a very in-depth guide and I would appreciate some upvotes for my time and interaction in the comments if you have any questions at all because I would be more than happy to answer basically any questions you may have, from “What’s your favorite color?” to “What would you take out if I don’t have ___ or ___?”

Overview: This deck is one that a lot of people hate because it is the very hated Hunter class which is somewhat unfair. If a deck is budget, has a ridiculously good winrate, has good matchups into several of the other meta decks, and simple enough for anyone to play but complex enough for skilled players to unlock a new level of potential given by this deck, WHY NOT PLAY IT?!?!?! This deck is one that relies on great values at all stages of the game, beast synergy, great draw value, and solid late game potential due to the Deathknight Rexxar. This deck can very easily go super aggro to blow out slower decks, can play midrange and grind out the early game for some solid midgame power spikes, and can grind out the late game while using your minions and extra beast synergy value to stall the game out until the opponent runs out of fuel.




General Keeps: The main cards that you want to keep with this deck are in your starting hand are Dire Mole, Crackling Razormaw, Master’s Call, and Animal Companion. These minions and spell have the most value and are good to keep in pretty much every single situation no matter how you want to end up playing the game. Rexxar is a viable keep a lot of the time too, but sometimes he is better than others and isn’t just a general always keep. There are also cards that are more situation keeps and I will go into specific matchups and what to keep into the specific matchups.

Matchups (Mulligan and Strategy)


Into other Hunter Matchups, a great keep if you have the option is Flare due to the fact that some of the most popular decks in the game are secret and spell hunter. Additionally, Candleshot and Springpaw does well into all the hunter matchups because it either deals with early minions or can deal with some of the secrets that are played early like explosive trap or wandering monster and just test out the secrets and limit their overall effectiveness. Generally, a deciding factor into these matchups is who can get off a Rexxar play first, so keeping him may be a decent idea. With Rexxar you want to go with slower options like lifesteal rush or taunt especially if you get Rexxar out first to try to slowly build up an unstoppable board. Other than that, generally using your minions to trade in and play a slower game will result in you winning, especially if your opponent goes extremely aggressive without the fuel to finish you off (which people at lower ranks will probably do).


This deck does well into Big Mage because of Rexxar helping you to grind out late games if you don’t have an AMAZING early game start. If you do you can try to go for an early game smackdown you can but going for a slower paced game where you keep Rexxar in your opening hand is very good as well. Odd Secret Mage is a bad matchup for you and again I think the key here is the standard keeps for maximum value but also keep Rexxar to try to help grind out early games. It could also be viable to keep another Flare but that is not as important as the hunter matchup because it has less secrets but can still be useful especially for cycle. Keeping a Flanking Strike into this matchup could also be decent cause you will be able to kill off the Tor Mage, a slightly buffed Secretkeeper, and many more things as well if you have a Candleshot out or Springpaw in hand (which are nice to have and could be a decent keep as well). Into this matchup you need to weather the storm and get to Rexxar by simply using cards to control the board or get a lot of value in the beginning of the game.



This matchup has several different decks that could be played so it is hard to predict. That being said, helpful cards into this matchup overall include Candleshot, Springpaw, and potentially Unleash the Hounds to deal with wide boards of Silver Hand Recruits. Into any deck that isn’t odd, you wanna turn on the Turbo and kill them as fast as you can by going for aggressive play, less trading, more aggressive adaptations, and only really using the Candleshot as your form of removal. You can close out the game with spells later if you need but into the matchups that aren’t odd, Rexxar is more detrimental than anything because playing him is a board clear and a slow play, when what you want is to go face. Into odd, you wanna control the board so he can’t bet buffs based on wide boards (like playing around Funglemancer, Raid Leader, Frostwolf Warlord, etc. Since it is the most popular deck having an Unleash the Hounds could be helpful into this matchup and Rexxar can help you win the game when the Odd Pally starts running out of fuel and your minions just become so much better than the 1/1’s he is able mass produce (Not to mention Rexxar is a board wipe). Play slower, don’t lose your cool, trust me you will be fine if you just control the board and only go face once you have a solid board presence because he has no removal to deal with your board if you can go wide.


THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! This matchup is probably what made this deck so much better in the meta and led to my 62% winrate when climbing to Legend. This matchup is where this deck shines because it has the ability to be very fast if you choose to mulligan for it. Along with your standard keep, keeping a Springpaw or Scavenging Hyena can allow you to snowball and blow the opponent out real early especially into Clone Priest which could buff your Hyena with an unlucky Mass Hysteria or a bad Spirit Lash. Control and Wall Priest (which is fairly new) is a little rough due to the fact that they can have a surprising amount of damage and just so much value from spellstones and removal that it may be hard for you to keep up. Wall is just slow enough to where if you go aggro you should be able to win, but Control you might only be good if they don’t have Duskbreaker on turn 4. If they do, you may need to rely on Rexxar to carry you into the late game and just pray they don’t get their combo because he is the only way you can match the value the Priest can generate. You can usually tell what the other person is playing on turn 1 or 2, if they play a Northshire Cleric it is probably Control or Wall and you wanna play fast but also be aware you may need to change strategies on turn 4, if they don’t and they just play like a Radiant Elemental on 2 or the Gilded Gargoyle it is probably Clone.


Odd Rogue is the only good rogue deck right now (I mean there are others but they are so underplayed that I will not focus on them I am sorry…) and it was recently nerfed. Basically, play slow and keep slower cards like Candleshot, Springpaw, Flanking Strike, in order to deal with their early aggression which should be possible if you don’t freak out and you use your resources to deal with his early threats before they can snowball. Into this matchup, don’t keep Master’s Call because of the fact that you will draw it later, you just want to wait until the OPPONENT runs out of fuel because you do have multiple things in your deck that will help you draw more option later, you just don’t need to prioritize it right away.


You beat warlock fairly hard because they use their own health as a resource. Basically you just need to play your value cards and push them low early (and they will help you with that with their hero power don’t worry) and finish them with spells and your hero power or charge. Zoolock is the only deck that is different, and into that one, you just need to play slow cause they will do damage to themselves and as long as you can control the board moderately well you will be fine. Unleash the Hounds and Candleshot are good into this matchup but since the other matchups are more popular, it is less likely you will be able to get any value out of the card in most cases so not worth the keep…


Most people think this is a bad matchup, but don’t let the masses fool you. I am going to give you the secret to beat any Warrior right now so pay attention. Keep Rexxar because he wins you the late game, don’t flood the board but always keep out just enough stuff to bait out removal (usually like 3 smallish minions to 2 moderate minions with maybe a weak one in the middle of them to play around supercollider), don’t try to rush them down and run out of options because that is what they WANT YOU TO DO!!! It is especially helpful to hold things back because if they finish their quest, the hero power may end up just killing the Dire mole, Springpaw, Hyena, or any other expendable minion you held in your hand when you played around the removal by not overplaying the board.

I hope you all enjoyed this in-depth guide, any questions feel free to ask me.

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