In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.

hearthstone 9 - In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.

Edit: Sorry for the wall of text, but i want to clear some things up.

The last few days we have seen some examples of Hearthstone cards turned into yugioh and magic cards, and 90% of the Comments in this Thread are ranting about unnecessary card text and huge paragraphs. As someone who plays those 2 games (although i have to admit yugioh more often than magic) + Hearthstone since the Beta, im going to try to explain the reasoning behind that.

I. Magic/Hearthstone: The Keywords

Keywords can be a central part of your card game with many advantages and disadvantages. Hearthstone/Magic chose to use keywords while yugioh didnt. The reason Why hearthstone chose it, is that they can easily add arbitrary information to it (your cards aren that short in text if you consider all the additional information. f.e. AL'Akir would have a lot of text). If you dont instantly know what "Divine shield" is a text will pop up next to your card and explain it. Physical TCGs can hardly to that. So what does magic to solve that problem? They simply print a short explanation behind the keyword giving it a brief summary (example: "Bestow (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.") helping newer players and returning ones understanding them (otherwise they would have to learn 135 different keywords).

the Second Reason why Magic and Hearthstone can do that is that they have a rotating format (called standard in both games) in which older sets rotate out (besides Classic/evergreen). Hence Keywords are always held at a lower level than they maximu and are not to hard to learn for new players (i mean who of you still knows "Joust" or "Inspire"?). They even took out "Enraged:" because they had to many keywords. Replacing it with much longer text "When this minion is damaged"

So whats up with Yugioh? Yugi doesnt have a rotating format, the deck youve build 2004 on your schoolyard is probably still playable (although prolly not viable) minus some banned cards. That format has also a lot of advantages (because with newer cards older cards suddenly get viable once again (Rhongo, effect veiler, Droll etc.) and you have a wide varytie (with a banlist confining the likes of Shudderwock/Genn/Baku). But at the same time thats the reason why they cant use keywords. its simply to hard to keep track of them all.

TL:Dr; Magic/hearth can use keywords because they have a rotating format

II. Magic/Yugioh: The Competitive scene

The Huge difference between them and hearthstone is that they get played manually (for tournaments at least) and dont have acess to a Rule system that is already in place like in hearthstone. Meaning you have to create rules for a card on which Human judges have to orient themself. Simply using the Phrase "Add a lackey to your hand" would lead to a lot of different ruling questions. From where do i add the lackey? Do i choose a random lackey or can i pick one? what stats has the lackey? etc. So you need other methods than simply saying
File:Ysera(495) - In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.

add a dream card to your hand (especially if the cards dont preexist but get generated out of nowhere (the reason why you barely see such effects in Physical CCGs). just try to host a RL hearthstone Tournament and you can see how Confusing its going to be if noone know how "Explosive Runes" interacts with "Divine Shield", or Truesilver Champion with Lethal damage. Atm Heartstones difficult interactions are still countable at 2 Hands, but you have to think about that hearthstone with its (give or take) 1000+ cards still has a small cardbase compare to Magic/yugioh (9000+), so in the future only more of these complicated interactions are going to happen.

TL:DR; The cards need to be Ruleproof

II. Yugioh: PSCT

So why do yugioh cards
File:AstrographSorcerer PEVO EN UR 1E - In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.

look so cramped, and why does barely anyone out of the community complain about it? pre 2013 Konami printed card text all over the place and even though it was very much it still was confusing af (and thats where the notion of Huge walls of text stems), but since 2013 they introduced PSCT.
Problem Solving Card Text - In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.PSCT has the great advantage of giving you informations based on simple Sentence/word structure. Just by reading the Text you can figure out 90% of the problematic rulings. card text is incredible well thought out.

Lets see an (easy) example for PSCT: lets say we have a draw card (called Pot of Desires) which says

"Banish the Top 10 cards of your deck facedown; Draw 2 cards." (yes that card exists), in hearthstone it would be something like "destroy your top 10 cards then draw 2". so what if that spell gets counterspelled? do i still have to destroy the cards? if so do their effects trigger? etc.

with the longer formatting in yugioh all these questions are solved if you just remember some small rules. they say (simplyfied) :(Cost); effect. seperated by those 3 symbols (:;.) in
"Pot of Desires" we have no ":" meaning we can activate it anytime during our turn. We do have a ";" meaning we have to pay some kind of cost (banish top 10 cards from your deck facedown). The rule is COSTS HAVE TO BE PAYED upfront. no matter what happens. lastly we have the effect. the thing that happens when the card resolves. so our hearthstone example would look in yugioh like this.

Player 1 activates pot of desires anytime during his turn (main phases), and has to banish the top 10 cards of his deck (because its in front of the ";")

Player 2 reacts (called "chains") with the card
51z0aTEbDzL - In light of the Recent Yugioh/magic posts: Why they have paragraphs of text. Also PSCT explained.

Counterspell discarding it for costs.

Player 1 has now the ability to respond to that (but chooses not to)

The Chain is complete, and gets resolved backwards.

  1. Counterspell negates The draw effect

  2. Pot of desires does nothing.

Simply solved, just based on those 3 different symbols. :(Costs); Effect. Thats why yugioh has so atrocious long card text, to simply allow remote play with your friends without tapping into a rulebook or looking cards up online on how they work. (or their keywords)

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