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Is Blizzard’s handling of the iPad crashes the new normal?

hearthstone 6 - Is Blizzard's handling of the iPad crashes the new normal?

I don't want to make too huge of a fuss on this — normally Blizzard responds to this in a relatively timely manner so credits where credit is due. But while it is appropriate to give credit where it is due, surely, Blizzard should be taken to task on their poor response on the iPad crashes.

For those unaware of this issue, this issue refers to intermittent crashes on iPad that tend to happen most frequently on the Play Mode — some reports relatively few issue on Battlegrounds though there are some reports of similar issues on Battleground too. The game simply boots you back to the start screen and for me, at least, this happens most often during the mulligan phase. There are times where you basically skip your first turn while reconnecting. There are some minor variations in how the bug manifests but I think it is relatively uncontroversial to concede that this bug is, at least, "significant".

This problem was linked to the update during the first DoD nerfs (circa 19Dec19) and was seen on Blizzard's forums (and on this subreddit) around the same time. Initially, Support linked this to devices with less than 2GB of RAM but later conceded that this may also occur on devices with 3GB or higher. Now, here's the kicker. The team allegedly found a fix on 29Dec19 but also noted that they were unsure when this fix could be pushed. They later noted that a fix is indeed coming (tweet here) but for some reason, they decided to push this to coincide with the Galakrond's Awakening patch. Interestingly, albeit a petty point, in all the responses above, the team did not use any variations of the word "sorry" or "apologies" — granted, it isn't required but it would definitely be nice.


Now, granted, the fix is coming really soon (when Galakrond's Awakening patch is pushed out) but as of today, assuming that the problem indeed happened on 19Dec19, this issue has persisted for about 33 days (so far). For context, since the bug began, we had another nerf, reveal hype-train on Galakrond's Awakening and of course a Tavern Brawl that the team was obliged to release and quickly report with another one due to bugs.

I am normally relatively patient on these sort of issues. Heck, when I first experienced that issue during the year end, I figured that with the year end being an off-season for most companies (myself included), the delay is at least understandable — I spent that time with family instead (assuming that that was what holidays was about, instead of smashing face).

But lets be honest, even if they did manage to fix this by today (without introducing a whole host of other new and exciting issues), I think most can agree that a 33 day period between fix for a significant portion of your game client is certainly unacceptable. So here's my question for Blizzard (if any are lurking here): –

Is a 33 day delay going to be the new normal for Blizzard's speed in fixing game-breaking bugs?

Note that I am not asking for a fix — I know that the fix is indeed coming. The entire point of this post is to ask if Blizzard will now make it a habit to take over a month to fix a significant issue.

With threads of this kind though, I would like to address two points that usually appears in the comments: –

  1. I also realise that some users may be saying "iOS lol" and this is actually my other point — if Blizzard could take 33 days to fix an issue with iOS, **they can likewise take their own sweet time when such issue affects Android users too (or heck, PC users)**.
  2. I also realise that yes, the game works fine on PC and weirdly enough, iPhones. That is not the point — Blizzard said that thegame is playable on iPad and it is not for anybody to question the preferred means of playing the game.

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    Jul 30, 2020 7:44 am

    The game is still crashing even today on (iPads, iPhones and Androids even the bug seems to have spread to PC giving you about 1 hour of solid play after hard resetting) and it seems that they have decided to cease any kind of support to almost any iOS devices (first discovered on iPad)… maybe in a few months time from now they will definitely make an official announcement on pulling off their support on most iOS and Android devices. I think it’s time to say a final goodbye to Hearthstone and move on to Gwent. Adios Hearthstone.

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