It’s Not Hearthstone; Blizzard Just Kind of Sucks As a Company Now.

hearthstone 4 - It's Not Hearthstone; Blizzard Just Kind of Sucks As a Company Now.

I am a old school Blizzard player. Like playing the original Warcraft over a null cable at a LAN cafe when I was 12. I've played pretty much every single Blizzard game and expansion up until about a year ago when I just finally faded off when I came to the realization that I was just bored all the time.

Blizzard games were literally the best on the market when I was a kid and heralded as the standard to strive towards. They were just GOOD games. They were made with a lot of passion and attention to detail. It felt like they were good, because the people making the games were doing it to make what they thought was a good game.

It's just not like that anymore. Everything has got an underlying formula to it. Everything is made to be repeatable. The games used to keep me playing hours on end, because they are good; now, I feel like they are just built to keep me playing for hours on end.

I'm not sure when the shift happened to full corporatism, but I am really glad it's finally coming to light and everyone is getting to see it.

BFA did nothing for WoW in any kind of creative or exciting way. It was just Legion Lite. The whole thing felt like it was constructed in a board room.

The new Diablo mobile game completely abandons Blizzard's core fan base to create something for the Asian markets.

Whatever fun Hearthstone has as a game is just buried underneath an overly expensive and oppressive business model and the expansions feel formulaic. It's hard to play the game anymore without feeling like you are just out to take my money by exploiting psychological tactics similar to gambling.

I guess this is just the natural cycle of things. Everything successful in the gaming industry eventually just seems to get consumed by exploitation of the success for profit.


It was a good run though.

Edited to Add:

Thanks for the gold. This really blew up while I was at work. I wanted to expand on a point really quick.

The reason I say the problem isn't Hearthstone, but Blizzard is because Hearthstone is actually an incredible game. It was the one game that gave me hope that Blizzard was still the Blizzard of old. It was fun. It was thrilling. It felt magical. It made me light up and feel again. It felt like Ben Brode and his team had created something that they thought was good.

But none of that has changed. All that magic is there. It's just smothered under the business model.

The reason the game sucks is NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED. Streamers spent like $2k to buy all the cards on launch day; nobody else can afford that. Instead, the entire player base just watches them have fun on Twitch for the first few days, figures out what the meta deck, spends what little money they have to get enough cards to build that deck and then it's the only thing you see on ladder three days later!

If we could just spend like a reasonable amount to get most of the cards, we could all just fuck around for the first month, experimenting with whatever cards we wanted and playing a variety of decks, but nah, we can't, because anyone who can't afford to dump a thousand dollars on a digital card game every 4 months has to treat the game like they are investing for retirement.

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