Know your emotes. Rastakhan edition.

hearthstone 7 - Know your emotes. Rastakhan edition.


The Brawl of Champions started today, that means we'll have 3 weeks to play as the 9 Rastakhan champions, each one with their custom set of emotes.

Here is the list in no particular order and some short evaluation (I'm leaving Zul'Jin out as we already knew his emotes).

I hope it helps you feeling more in control of your BM emotes this 3 weeks.

Captain Hooktusk

Greetings: Ahoy there! (7/10 Very predictable)

Well played: Not bad for a landlubber (10/10 High quality BM)

Thanks: Aww! You shouldn't have (9/10 Reminds me of Nemsy's thanks emote, good as counter-BM)

Wow: Color me impressed (8/10)

Oops: Uh oh! (12/10 Awesome delivery of a simple yet effective 'Uh oh!')

Threaten: Dis gonna be a feedin' frenzy (7/10 normally, 10/10 if used before summoning Graal the Shark)

Some good lines and some not so good but all of them with great execution (Overall 10/10)

High Priest Thekal

Greetings: Nice to meet ya! Time to beat ya! (7/10 Strong start of a game, very weak later)

Well played: Nice moves. (6/10 his weakest emote)

Thanks: De crowd appreciates dat (9/10 Very in control)

Wow: Not bad! Not bad (8/10 Grat counter-emote)

Oops: Dat ain't right (7/10)

Threaten: You leavin' 'ere with new scars! (7/10 Too dramatic)

Sometimes too aggressive, zero references to Shirvala (Overall 7/10)

High Priestess Talanji

Greetings: I welcome you (6.6/10)

Well played: I see you are skilled (7/10)

Thanks: My thanks to you (3/10 Isn't that the same as Tyrande?)

Wow: Truly a spectacle! (9/10 Her only good line and usable emote)

Oops: Bwomsandi punishes mistakes! (8/10 A little obvious)

Threaten: A grave calls to you (7/10 meh)

Very generic imho (Overall 6/10 )

Hexlord Malacrass

Greetings: Welcome to de big show! (7/10)

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Well played: What a show of skill (9/10 Very sarcastic pretty good)

Thanks: Thank you (0/10)

Wow: What a spectacle (6/10 not as good as the other spectacle related emote (Talanji's))

Oops: Ooooh misfired (7.5/10 very situational)

Threaten: I will crush you for de crowd? (6/10 de crow don't really care)

Maybe I just don't like this 'showman' personality (5/10)


Greetings: You? Chuckle* Hello* (7/10)

Well played: Brilliant! (5.5/10 Another Tyrande copy?)

Thanks: Thank you (0/10)


Wow: Ribbiting! (10/10 very frog)

Oops: Ooooops*!* (9/10 Good BM potential)

Threaten: Delicioussss (9/10 very good a couple of times, then it becomes creepy)

High BM value with mostly one-word emotes. I'm impressed. (Overall 8/10)

High Priestess Jek'lik

Greetings: Welcome, batbait. (9/10 Very strong start)

Well played: Hir'eek would approve (7.7/10 )

Thanks: How kind of you (8/10 At least is not another plain "Thank you")

Wow: Impressive (2/10 We've seem "Impressive" too many times)

Oops: That leads nowhere (10/10 Awesome BM, on par with Bloodreaver Gu'dan's iconic "That served no purpose")

Threaten: Which is saltier? Your blood, sweat or tears? (99/10 Probably one of the best emotes in the game, the only reason I'm writing this long ass post)

A couple of bad ones, but two great lines and and magnificent voice acting (10/10 )

Warmaster Voone

Greetings: Hellooo Gurubashi! (8/10 the first time, 3/10 every other time)

Well played: Dat was metal! (7/10)

Thanks: Thank you! Thank you very much! (7/10 Meh)

Wow: Brutal (10/10 under the right circumstances)

Oops: De crowd don't like dat! (4.5/10 References to de crowd won't work, sorry)

Threaten: Let me hear you scream! (6/10 what)

Very disappointing, his "Dis one's for the little rhinos in de crowd" from the Rumble Run was better than any of these ones. (6.6/10 )

Wardruid Loti

Greetings: Greetings from the pack! (8/10 )

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Well played: Not bad! (8/10 Some BM potential)

Thanks: Tank you! (0/10 Very weak Thankyous all over)

Wow: I am impressed (6/10)

Oops: A misstep (7/10 We heard this before and is hard to time)

Threaten: I will make you EXTINCT (7/10)

Not a lot of strength, maybe with more dinosaur reference she could be better (6/10 )

Final thoughts

I like the overall work in this emotes. Is evident that the creators were too afraid of the potential BM of the Thanks emote and decide too keep as simple as possible, same with a couple of Wows.

Definitely Jek'lik and Hooktusk are the better in content and delivery, beware of their emotes when facing them. A skilled BMer may also use Thekal and Zentimo with very good results.

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