List of known Known of the 17.0 Patch MEGA THREAD

hearthstone 9 - List of known Known of the 17.0 Patch MEGA THREAD

Whizbang, the Wonderful: If you play a game with one of his random decks you may still play with cards from the Hall of Fame.

Living Roots: The Grand Tournament Druid card became an epic. It was common previously. (I suggest you do do not dust this card since they may punish players because of it)

Kingsbane: The Kobolds and Catacombs legendary Rogue weapon breaks (Is destroyed) whenever you play it.

Demon Hunter Hero Power: Apparently you can get the new Demon Hunter Hero Power from "Sir Finley of the Sands" (Saviours of Uldum Paladin Legendary)

Freezing Trap: The Hunter Classic Secret makes "Dragonqueen Alextrasza" generated (0) cost dragons cost 0 instead of 2 when triggered.

Rogue Cards: The Rogue Spell "Clever Disguise" is not working. It doesnt give any spells from other class. {Update: Not only rogue thief spells but also thief minions.}

The Darkness: The Neutral Kobolds and Catacombs legendary minion is now called "Darkness Awaits", it is a 0 mana 0/0

Arena Rewards: Apparently you can get the new basic priest cards from Arema rewards which these basic priest cards should be completely free for everyone.

Invoke Cards are being Generated: The new Epic Priest card iz generating an Invoke card (Fate Weaver) which it's not supposed to do since the DoD invoke mechanics patch. Not only on the priest class but also in other card generators you may get cards with the invoke mechanics.


The new free decks: New and returning players are confirming that they didnt received any of the supposed free decks Blizzard said they were going to receive today, 26th March.

Illidian Stormrage: The Classic Set Illidian Stormrage Legendary is now named as "Xavius". Its not a bug!

Druid Hero Power: Whenever you use your Hero Power has a Druid, the attack symbol is green. (Its not a bug).

The New Demon Hunter Initiate Cards: Some people are reporting that they have access to the Initiate Cards from Demon Hunter if they got the second wing of Galakronds Awakening Solo Content.

Hearthstone Daily Quests: Apparently, if you reroll a quest, you may get one saying for you to play 3 games with demon hunter and other 2 classes. This means you can only complete the quest with only 2 heroes.

Practice Mode: You are able to play against Demon Hunter in AI mode.

Rank: Some people can't see their rank when they go to the play mode.

Practice Mode: Playing Curious Glimmerroot against Demon Hunter in Practice Mode makes the game crash.

Last Update: 7:26 GMT This post will be updated whenever a new bug is reported.

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