Mathematical proof that new Hearthstone progression system is better so everyone can shut the fuck up

hearthstone 7 - Mathematical proof that new Hearthstone progression system is better so everyone can shut the fuck up

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about whether Hearthstone's new Reward System is really worth it (from a free to play standpoint). Is it really good stats for the cost?

Looking at the original Reward System, you would earn 1 quest everyday, each granting, on average, 60 gold. In a 30 day month, this is equivalent to 1860 gold per month. On top of that, you could also earn 10 gold for every 3 games you win, and if you grind this game nonstop you get an extra 3100 gold in that month.

The MAXIMUM amount of gold earned with the original rewards system was 14880 gold per expansion, and required on average 23.25 days to complete all of this.

The new rewards system follows a system similar to battle passes, found in games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and really most other games on the market.

You can no longer earn daily gold at all, which is quite a bummer.

In total, without purchasing anything with real money, you can earn:

  • 16 packs (Value of 1600 gold)
  • 4200 gold
  • 2 legendary cards (which I will value at 800 gold each, based off of value of guaranteed dust value combined with the chance of a good legendary)
  • 1 epic card (which I will value at 300 gold)
  • 2 Arena Ticket (value of 300 gold)
  • A card back (around 500 gold)
  • A Hero Portrait (not including)

The new quest rewards system can reap around 8500 gold in value, if played all the way to the end. But how likely is that? Lets break this down as well…

To reach level 50, you will need to collect 196,200 xp.

  • Each daily quest earns you around 1000xp (93,000 for the entire entire expansion)
  • Each weekly quest give you around 1750xp with 3 per week (63,000xp per expansion)
  • Achievements will not be included in this calculation, since they can only be earned once.

Hearthstone devs have stated you will earn around 400xp per hour, just by playing games (earning more if you win). The remaining required xp after ALL daily missions and weekly's are completed is 40200 xp.

If you want to earn everything possible with the new rewards progression system, you will be required to complete all daily and weekly challenges AND play 100.5 hours, or 4.1 days of ranked hearthstone, just to reach level 50.

If you want to reach level 150 (maximum) you need to play an additional 46.7 days of Hearthstone (but this could reap, in theory another 15000 gold)

In summary, is it worth it to switch to the new System? Yes it really is.

I know this subreddit likes to complain how unfair it is, but surprisingly, the value earned out of this progression system beats the original one by a reasonable amount. The ceiling for max rewards in higher, and the rewards earned for playing a few times per expansion is pretty good as well, since rewards are given out at a higher rate at first.

The amount of gold per hours played is higher. Simple as that.

Stop complaining.

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