Mission accomplished! Finally got all golden portraits

hearthstone 9 - Mission accomplished! Finally got all golden portraits

Well met redditors! Just finish the 9/9 golden heroes grind last night and since the few people that played with me no longer plays, I wanted to share my personal objective, I decided to do it here 🙂

First of all English is not my native language, so appologies for some mistakes. I have been playing this game probably since February 2014 during the Open Beta, so I have preety much experienced every meta and faced all types of deck.

Short disclaimer: I always disliked the fast/aggro decktypes, prefering the control and combo styles, and for those reasons I would reach this achievement sooner and easier for sure, because almost never played the decks that were called as Tier-1 during their respective metas (and I suck).

Below there's a short description when and which decks for every class I used to get thos sweety golden portraits:

  • Warlock

Got the Gold'an during GvG era playing Handlock, and it was a pain to get the last 100 wins since Hunter-taker and Face-Hunter later were destroying the ladder and it was really rough (for me at least).

  • Mage

Jaina was the following hero to reach the 500 wins mark, during the BRM meta with the revival of Freeze Mage thanks to Thaurissan. Control Warrior and Combo Druid were the hardest match-ups, Patron Warrior games where decided if my opponent used Armorsmith in the right time, but in general was not a big deal with farming Priests and Warlocks.

  • Druid

When the AoL, BGH, FoN and KotG nerfs were announced and we all thought Malfurion had his days counted, I turned into a shameless Combo Druid abuser and farmed the last 100 wins within 3 days, during the Pre-WotOG, but in the end, almost all games with this class were with this deck.

  • Warrior

My Garrosh got the badass effects when Secret Paladin and Combo Druid were dominating, playing Control during TGT, so it was a suicide mission. But the mirrors, ahhh, those yes were my type, where the first to get the upgraded Hero Power made it snowballing; using Elise (from LoE) and the map on cards you didn't want to play like Acolyte of Pain and Shield Block. Remember one day going on turn 3, coining Elise out and drawing the map and the Golden Monkey on the 3 following turns.

  • Rogue

Valeera wasn't having her best days in the game, but Tomb Pillager really helped her to get her "trade-mark" deck back – Miracle Rogue. Who ever thought Auctioneer and Leeroy would make a comeback in Rogue after both got slamed with a 1 Mana increase and Blade Flurry getting changed? I dind't, but thank god I was wrong! One of my favorite decks of all time but I didn't have the dust needed back in the Classic days, so I could experience now, during ONiK aka Shaman-stone with Midrange and Aggro variants.

  • Priest
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Never had a feeling with this class, always thought it was boring no matter what deck I was playing – Big, Control, Dragon, Freeze, Silence Priest… During the KotFT and K&C Highlander Pirest was top tier, and this was the first time I was enjoying playing with Anduin, so much that I got my least played class by that time – besides Shaman – with only 90'ish wins, and farmed Tempo Rogue with much more pleasure (get it?).

  • Hunter

The meme no-minions Hunter wasn't that meme after all, and getting Barnes on turn 3/4 and pulling Y'Shaarj were ez pz wins. Never enjoyed Face Hunter and never played Hunter-taker, didn't farm the gold needed back in the days. Few games as Secret with Cat Trick and Cloaked Huntress, Midrange here and there.

  • Paladin

The majority of this class was with Anyfin Paladin, when the Murlocs started to share a thing with Uther. Farming Aggro Druids by using Aldor on their Fel Reaver and watching their deck blow was satisfying, using Old Murk-Eye agaisnt Priest when no other Murloc was on the board was a risk thanks to Cabal Shadow Priest, calculating the least and most damage possible from Anyfin Can Happen vs Warrior, a few minions with taunt, and the mirror was interesting. Before that played with Justicar Trueheart as a control version, and finished the last wins with Even because I didn't like the more aggressive style of the Odd variant.

  • Shaman

This was the most obnoxious, the only deck I enjoyed was Malygos with Ancestor's Call and one-shotting them, but it wasn't really a competitive deck. Concede Shaman probably the closest deck to my type. Midrange during Shamanstone wasn't really my thing and I prefered playing Control Warrior as it was considered a counter and still having really close games going to fatigue – same for the Aggro, Evolve and Token versions. Had to play with Shudder and finish with Even since the games were faster in both Standard and Wild to get my 350 wins needed.

So this sums up preety much my playing experience. There are a few other things that happened to me during this run and other random stuff:

  • My first 3 Legendaries were Deathwing, Sylvanas and Harrison Jones (preeetty good!);

  • During this almost 5 years, got as far as I remember 6 golden legendaries: Hunter Quest, Deathwing, Ysera, Y'Shaarj, Lynessa Sunsorrow and Bolvar, Fireblood;

  • Started playing more seriously when I got Jaraxxus from a pack and literally disenchanted my whole collection (except the legendaries above) to craft Handlock, and still missed one Molten and a Mountain, which I replaced with 2x Shieldmastas. Few packs later got the Molten that I was missing and a golden Ancient of Lore which I DE'ed for the Mountain;

  • Needed 8444 wins in Play Mode to complete this;

  • Besides having 1000+ wins in Arena, only for once reached the 12 wins key and it was with Rogue: last boss was a Hunter that AFK'ed the first 2 turns – quite underwhelming;

  • Other underwhelming moment was on my first golden portrait – Warlock. I was watching my friend playing on a phone and my opponent was a Shaman, which was considered the worst class by far so it was quite rare to find one. I was losing, reaaaaally hard, and my bud was already laughing at me because we had to play another game to reach the 500th win. Suddenly the Shaman goes AFK. My friend starts spamming "Thank You" emotes and chrashes the game/phone… After relogging the games over and I won: neither we "won" the game, neither we watched the getting the golden animation – that what we got for BM'ing;

  • Ranked wins p/class: Warlock with 1254, Warrior 1132, Mage 1027, Druid 912, Rogue 851, Priest 701, Hunter 589, Paladin and Shaman with 500;

  • Only reached Legend once, using Heal Zoo last July – I know, Zoo..;

  • My all time favorite decks are Xixo's Token-Yogg Druid / Neviilz's Echo Mage / Navi's Control Warrior;

  • Do not use golden cards – neither in Arena;

  • There was once a issue on the European server, so I decided to open the American one. Did the tutorial etc, and the first pack got a Deathwing.

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Guess that's all! Thank you for your time, really appreciate it. Have a nice day, enjoy your christmas and see you in the Inn!

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