My fun experience coming back to play battlegrounds

hearthstone 1 - My fun experience coming back to play battlegrounds

I came back to battlegrounds after watching a bit of Kripp streams. I played back when the 3/4 amalgam was still in the game so the new heroes and new minion types made it pretty fun for me. I installed the deck tracker to check win % chance and average damage taken/given. Well, my fun was short-lived playing this dog game mode. First few games I get decent elemental, pirate and beast builds; nothing high roll or ground breaking but good enough to make top 4. A few games on and I get the shittiest fucking minions in my tavern to choose from, get matched into the fucking jesuses that rolled so high they can instantly win the god damn jackpot on the lottery. I'm talking turn 6 against a tier 6 Omu with Golden Nomi and double digit elementals. "This is just part of the game and something I need to accept" I thought, "Let's just hope I take minimum damage and be on my way. DECK TRACKER


I go to the kitchen to make some bomb ass vegetable samosas. I place the pan on the burner and preheat some oil while I'm pulling the samosas wrapped from the night before from my fridge. I place a samosa in the hot oil and a drop of the oil hits my arm. "Ow". That's about the reaction for that amount of pain. However, turns out that drop of oil tested positive for COVID and now I have COVID. I am now on a ventilator in ICU.

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