My journey to legend, and what I’ve learned.

hearthstone 6 - My journey to legend, and what I've learned.

I've been playing hearthstone since release. While I wouldn't considered myself a casual, I wouldn't call myself hardcore either. I played mostly in my free time, mostly for fun but still spent quite a bit of money of packs to get the best decks, etc.

This month, with the release of RoS, I decided that I would finally make my push for legend. It was time to tackle this goal that I've had for many years.

At the beginning, I thought it would be easy. Build a top-tier netdeck, and play enough games, and you'll make it, right? Well, not quite.

My journey started with a day of grinding to get from R5 to R4, then a day from R4 to R3, R3 to R2 and so on. I planned to make R1 the following day, but instead went on a losing streak all the down to R3, then R4. Despite playing for all day the next few days, I only managed to bounce between ranks 2 and 4, never reaching R1 or legend.

I decided I needed to change up my gameplan. Before, I had been playing on mobile, autopiloting top-tier decks like token druid, and constantly swapping to and from different decks. I had 4 completely different decks that I was using depending on what I thought the meta was best suited for. These were all mistakes, and the next day I decided to fix them.

I picked a single deck: Tempo Rogue. Then, instead of autopiloting the deck, I did a handful of things that drastically improved my winrate:

– Watched a skilled player play the deck.

This gave me a foundation of good decision to make to develop my board and things such as when to trade and when to go face.

– Downloaded HS deck tracker.

I've always been fairly good at tracking cards, but having the tracker onscreen takes things to a new level. I could see exactly what options I had left in my deck, and make decisions like if I should myra's this turn or next. What options raiding party will give me, etc. I believe it clutched me a few games.


– Used HS Replay.

On the site, I picked a variant of Tempo Rogue that was doing well, and stuck with it. I used the mulligan guide which helped on a few matchups.

– Learned to counter the other decks.

This one is super important, and I wasn't doing it much before. I started with the matchup that was giving me the most trouble: Control Warrior. I looked at their decklist and broke down exactly what removal they had at what turns, and learned to play around them. I ended up improving my winrate against them from 30/70 to 50/50. I did the same with the other top decks, especially mirrors, and ended up winning most of my mirrors, which constituted most of my games.

– Played only when focused

Early on, I would play all day, even when tired or distracted, and would lose a lot of games that I could have won. Instead, I decided to only play when I was able to focus. This meant only playing a certain amount of games per day and taking breaks. Doing this won me a ton of games because I wasn't making mistakes, counting lethal and knowing what options my opponent had available at all times.

So, after implementing these 5 things, I started my grind anew from rank 4. After 78 games played and a 60% winrate, I defeated my final boss and reached legend! Below are the screenshots for bragging rights, stats and one of the poor guy who happened to be my final boss. GG.


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