My Journey to Legend

hearthstone 8 - My Journey to Legend

Hi Everyone 🙂

TLDR: Made it to Legend for the first time this month and since all my RL buddies stopped playing i wanted to share it with you guys 🙂

I'm playing HS for roughly 2 years now on and off and finally made it to Legend. Discovering Hearthstone back then was quite a blast and i really enjoyed all the nice cards, their effects and in general the easy to learn, hard to master style that HS offers. Starting with a C'thun druid and reaching 15 for the first time was awesome. Then at some point the rotation kicked in and many of my beloved cards rotated into Wild. At that point i doubted myself investing further into HS and, since i don't play wild, i decided to dust all those cards i couldn't use for Standard. Shredding Old Gods, Gadget, Adventures and few TGT cards gave me 18.000 dust but to be quite honest this amount only lasted for 1 new expansion without cashing… To be honest it felt quite terrible especially since the meta is ever evolving and newly crafted cards might be worthless a week later. As my RL buddies moved on to other games HS felt more and more boring

End of last year i was quite fed up playing constructed and hardly managed to reach rank 5 several months as i didn't enjoy playing the good meta decks while playing the stuff i liked felt so underpowered. This January i didn't even bother playing ranked because for Rhastakan i decided to not buy any packs. I saved up 2-3k gold and played Arena only, to earn some packs.

So this month i started at rank 14 and wanted to give it another shot since i had no gold left for arena. I crafted the missing cards to play Aggro Secret Paladin. This deck is nuts and brought me in just a few hours to rank 5 and i thought, "jesus it's not even the 10th and you are Rank 5, lets check the good decks from 5-Legend" and i was quite happy so see deathrattle hunter, a deck i played quite a lot before and i rly liked. Although Paladin just boasts a 72% winrate from 5-Legend, i wasn't quite able to get it done. So i crafted the missing cards from rattle hunter (bb golden celestia, you'll not be missed). They nerfed Hunters Mark so i added a deadly shot and a second devilsaur to the list to make my keleseth work.


And to my surprise it worked quite well even without tech cards for weapon, or spellbreaker. I faced many Beast hunter (50/50 matchup), Warriors (ez pz) and priest (bait out removal asap), some Rogues (kinda like beast hunter) and luckily only a few paladins (RIP matchup, only won 1 game with a lucky rexxar draw). I managed to climb to Rank 1 with 3 stars alrdy a week ago and thought, wow i might actually do it, but then 1 night i only encountered aggro decks, combined with bad luck in the favorable matchups. I dropped back to rank 4 got tilted and kinda gave up alrdy. 2 days later i tried it again and got a good winstreak getting me back to rank 2 which reignited the fire and will to continue. Saturday then after waking up i thought, lets try how far it goes and promptly won 5 games in a row, sitting at rank 1 with 4 stars. Then i got quite shaky, lost some games, won some games, and for the first time got my matchball. Healzoo lock… yeah -_-. Got nice starthand (keleseth, grizzly,..) but he drew both silences which marked my death with the constant face chipping. The game after i faced an OTK priest who almost got me, but just almost. Second matchball: HEALZOO again sdoidsvnsoidnv -_- and also someone who was legend (+-6000) alrdy… But luck was on my side this time 🙂 i drew candleshot, both spider bombs, both play dead, a stalker and got to stick a houndmaster shaw to wipe the board with an active devilsaur putting pressure turn after turn and… finally at round 7 or 8 he conceded!

It was an unimaginable feeling seeing that legend badge, beeing among the 6-7k players that made it to legend this month. The pressure that i put on myself was completely gone and i couldn't wipe the smile out of my face 😀 I was so relieved that i finally made it, that noone could ever take it away from me. And now, losses don't even matter, i'm playing completely free-minded, without pressure. It just feels like everything, the money spent, the burned nerves, everything so far was worth it for that one moment. 🙂 I even added a random guy just because he spotted lethal in a sick way with espionage rogue, something i'd never done before. Before i would get insanely mad getting killed because i left only 3 0/2 Goblin bombs alive with 20+hp, today i simply admired that play ^^ Guess thats how things go when you achieved your goal 🙂 All in all, i'm sitting at rank 2500 right now (after getting calibrated at 4100 when i hit legend) and we'll see how far i can push it down till the end of month 🙂

here are the 2 decks in case someone is interested:

Aggro Secret Paladin (Rank 14-5)

Deathrattle Hunter (5-Legend)

Well if you made it past the wall of text, thx for taking your time 🙂 I just felt the need to write it down as someone who climbed a mountain kinda has to tell it to his friends either ^^ Guess it's time to change the favourite cardback now :))

Have a nice evening/day everyone!

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