My parents are the most avid Hearthstone fans of their age I’ve ever seen

hearthstone 8 - My parents are the most avid Hearthstone fans of their age I’ve ever seen

So, one time about 1 and a half/2ish years ago I was playing some Hearthstone on my laptop and doin’ the old ladder climb toward my goal of Rank 10. My Mum (age 60) comes in and asks what I was doing, I replied “Neato card game.” She – of course – sits down and watches me play and probes me with questions about the game.

Not two days later, I find my Mum in the living room – my Dad (age 63) leaning over to see the screen – and she’s playing ladder! She bought some packs (and couldn’t disenchant a single “pretty glowy gold” card) and began her ladder climb.

She never normally gets past Rank 15 but she has played thousands of games, loves watching the meta, and is very proud of her Gold Mage portrait.


My Dad swiftly followed suit and got Hearthstone for his iPad, and has been playing nothing but single player content, every single night. He’s beaten the Innkeeper over 1000 times and has cleared the Witchwood solo content 10 times with every character. (He’s super amped for the solo content in the Rastakhan expansion)

So I guess I should say thank you Blizzard, for bringing so much joy to my parents. I never thought I’d hear them talking about “lethal” this and “board clear” that. It’s heartwarming to see them bond over this.

TL;DR – My parents are super into Hearthstone and my Mum is undoubtedly going to invest hundreds more dollars into card packs.

EDIT: Gold?! You guys are too much. I’m reading all of these messages to my parents as they come in and they’re overwhelmed! I’m glad they’re a part of such a lovely community. And as am I!

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