My way to the first legend

hearthstone 6 - My way to the first legend

Note: I am Russian and apologize in advance if there are inaccuracies, because I am doing this post through Google Translator, because I don’t know English, thanks. The picture is not accidental, then you will understand everything. A bit of history. I started playing back in March 2015, accidentally saw a friend download the game and she was also interested in me, well, I also downloaded it. For money I bought only the second half of Naxxramas and completely Black Mountain, the rest of the additions (adventures and just sets), I bought only for in-game gold, but 1 time I did pre-order, as well as starter kits and it was “The Witch Forest”, I took it purely from – for a bonus of +30 packs, but after I dropped out of 110 packs 3 legs (more precisely 2, not counting the guarantee for the first 10 packs), after that I don’t even think about buying pre-orders, but all these portraits (yes, some are very beautiful and I would like them to be in the collection, but in this way too much th), added not a gift, but in value appreciation. In general, over the years I have gathered a good collection, especially in the free one (there are all the adventures, but in the card sets, there are not many cards, especially legends, because of the rules of the fall that were in effect then). When I could not collect the necessary ones, I collected cards for the magician (my favorite class) and sometimes tried to climb the rating ladder and managed to get to 15-11. But once, I managed to reach rank 6, and this was in 17, when I took the priest’s deck on the summoner, who takes out a spell from the deck and calls a creature of equal value, and then it was very strong and fun that I liked and went so that when I lost, it wasn’t even offensive, simply because it was interesting to play. And now, in 2020, I again decided to try and take a legend on my favorite class (as you might have guessed at the mage), they just added a lot of great and interesting cards and returned my favorite type of Renault decks, which give a lot tools for stripping, pace and causing damage, there is where to turn around. I just returned from the army and had to catch up. I started the Renault mage from rank 18 to 11 with 2 defeats (there were priests on the vargot, druids on the increase, paladins on furs, and robbers, waiting for stripping, I easily dealt with them), but after losing 11 times I made a jerk to 8 and died out (they started giving robbers with Galacrond, where all matches ended with this annoying Lira, but I have nothing to answer), 20 defeats and 1 victory were repeated 20 times, and I could not overcome and I just gave up, the desire to continue playing in the rating disappeared. I really want to take the legend with an adequate deck, but I'm tired of waiting until a normal meta appears so that people do not play aggro decks without exception. I do not take agro-decks from the principle, because this is not what I need – I’m speedran in the opponent’s face by turn 4, but I want an interesting and fun game. I hope someone reads this story to the end and can share their experience or advice on what to do after all. Is it worth trying something in the last month of the dragon, or is it still waiting for the next content year? For someone, it can easily take a legendary rank, but it is difficult for me to give it and for 5 years I have not been able to do it. Thank you all for your attention, I really hope for your support!


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