New player experience: bots everywhere

hearthstone 1 - New player experience: bots everywhere

Just wanted to let everyone know that new players are getting showered with bots in Play mode at new ranks (25+)

Especially at rank 40+, I had bots in 9/10 matches during 'off hours' in the night. At popular gaming times, about 4/10 matches. They all have 7 letters or numbers in their name, all capitals if any letters, they mimic human behavior but all have the exact same 'thinking' time, and are very clearly some kind of bot cluster spamming Play mode.

They probably don't get into the high ranks, but it's very hard to have fun as a new player when I have to auto concede 9/10 matches and just keep hoping for a human.


It's not even that the bots are that difficult to beat – they aren't, it's just that it's boring as heck to play some farm bot cluster (I'm on North American server).

I tried to post this on the Hearthstone forums 3 times. Get an error. They really don't have their **** together.

I don't really see the point of a human doing this other than to collect data for deck statistics or an AI, if HS was doing it to reduce wait times you would think they would at least create a better naming scheme than one so obvious as this. So yeah, it's probably some data harvest thing, at the expense of human players' time.

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