On this day in Hearthstone (18 February 2015) – Who is MagicAmy?

hearthstone 9 - On this day in Hearthstone (18 February 2015) – Who is MagicAmy?

6461iAR - On this day in Hearthstone (18 February 2015) – Who is MagicAmy?

'MagicAmy' Lee, was a Korean Hearthstone player who caught the general public’s attention in late 2014, especially after forming her own team, Team MagicAmy. She had assembled a formidable force, including Blizzcon 2014 Top 8 player Tarei, and the legendary
v6eZc8n - On this day in Hearthstone (18 February 2015) – Who is MagicAmy?
dengxu, while consistently finishing in the high legend ranks on two servers herself.

More than that, it felt like she lived on twitch, visiting and memeing with top Hearthstone streamers throughout the day. Many streamers modded her and made special MagicAmy emotes and she even had a sub button on her twitch channel without having streamed at all.

On 1 January 2015, Reynad
tempostorm adds hyerim magicamy lee to roster - On this day in Hearthstone (18 February 2015) – Who is MagicAmy?signed MagicAmy to Tempo Storm
, further enhancing her star power. She continued to charm the Hearthstone twitch and reddit crowd, including doing an AMA, where she explains how she learned English (from Twitch chat) and why she types her smiley faces differently (because she is from the other side of the planet).

Perhaps her most significant contributions to the community were the meta snapshots she started writing for Tempo Storm: The Meta Snapshot #1: Post-GvG Ladder Tier List. In its time, the ones she wrote were widely regarded as excellent, and praised by many to be very accurate appraisals of the meta. In particular, decks such as Oil Rogue rose to prominence much more quickly largely due to her reports.

She continued to be invited and perform well in large online tournaments (with full golden decks), culminating in beating Hyped to qualify for the ESL Legendary Series LAN finals at Burbank.

However, late in the day on 17 February 2015, news broke that MagicAmy was unable to attend the ESL LAN finals due to a personal issue.

This would serve as the trigger for the events that followed.


4 years ago today, the first allegations against MagicAmy’s identity and behaviour surfaced.

Numerous community members came forward with their stories and findings, which have mostly been summarised in this comment.

The main allegations were doubts on whether the person playing at a high level on stream, and interacting with the community online, was indeed the Korean female Hyerim Lee, as well as claims of scamming by employers and players, some of which involve large sums of money.

These serious allegations in the same afternoon against a popular public figure sent the community into a furore, with multiple front-page threads discussing the incident. They were finally consolidated into a mega-thread, where Frodan (then Tempostorm Manager) promised to get to the bottom of things.

After a two-day investigation,
Tempo Storm released a statement stating that they had parted ways with MagicAmy. The main findings of the statement are as follow:

  • Tempo Storm believes that MagicAmy is one person and is indeed Hyerim Lee

  • They investigated the accusations extensively and determined there was no case of fraud (*in regards to her interactions with TS), but the matters were still major personal issue between her and those accusing her that had to be resolved.

  • No proof found for win trading/botting/account sharing allegations.

  • Tempo Storm offered to support MagicAmy (*to have her play in an offline tournament to clear her rep) but she declined and chose to leave the scene instead.

Hyped temporarily took over the reins of writing the meta snapshot, and the scene would never hear from MagicAmy again.

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