On this day in Hearthstone (24 March 2015) — Crescendo’s goodbye

hearthstone 8 - On this day in Hearthstone (24 March 2015) — Crescendo's goodbye

There are currently three cards in Hearthstone which have flavour and/or flavour text that are unambiguous references to Hearthstone players. Two of them are tributes to our first two World Champions
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Firebat and
HfwzXgp - On this day in Hearthstone (24 March 2015) — Crescendo's goodbye
Ostkaka, the third is for Crescendo.

“Wait, who is Crescendo? Why haven’t I heard of him? Which card are you talking about?”

Four years ago today, a gravely ill Hearthstone player Crescendo wrote a heartfelt farewell message to the game and community: Thank you Hearthstone! – a goodbye from a passionate fan (no whining thread)

The post has since been deleted, but you can
mhbcBYQ - On this day in Hearthstone (24 March 2015) — Crescendo's goodbye

view the original message here.

(Direct wayback machine link)

The thread quickly caught the attention of Total Biscuit (bless his soul),
580501903303426049 - On this day in Hearthstone (24 March 2015) — Crescendo's goodbye

who tweeted:

If this guy is following me on Twitter or anyone knows him please get in touch via our PR email address, want to do something to help.

As Crescendo had written, Total Biscuit was the person who introduced him to Hearthstone and was one of his favourite streamers.

Throughout the day, hundreds of touching messages poured into the thread from far and wide, with many more on other forms of social media. The thread shot to the front page of r/all and is the only thread from the 1st year of Hearthstone that is top 50 of all time. The messages were so overwhelming that Crescendo posted again a few hours later in the thread:

Wow, I don't know what to say. Thank you all for your very kind messages. I never thought that so many people would read a wall of text, since I'm not good at editing a reddit post.

I will need some time to read all of your messages, since there are so many.


This thread showed me, that there are a lot of positive people around here (despite the daily bitching threads about mechs and boom bots), you all brought me some tears in my eyes too, so thanks for that :')

On another note, over the last couple weeks I watched "LOST" for the first time in my life, and one quote from one of my favorite characters on that show always stuck in my head. So:

"See ya in anotha life, brotha" 🙂

That would be the last post from Crescendo in the thread.

Four months later, Hearthstone’s second full expansion The Grand Tournament was released. While poring through the new cards and flavour texts, the community spotted a familiar name on a new card –

This beautiful tribute was quickly pointed out and discussed in a thread titled:

“Dreadsteed's new flavor text refers to /u/Crescendo1909, the Hearthstone fan that passed of cancer four months ago”.


Crescendo was still alive! o/

He posted later in the thread himself as well, confirming the good news! His condition was improving, and he got to play Blackrock Mountain.

(The comments have also been deleted, but we can still view them on removeddit here.)

Unfortunately, according to him, some of the messages he received back then had left a mark and he had taken a break from reddit. The break continued indefinitely after his post in this thread, and he eventually deleted all posts and comments from his account at some point.

Regardless, Crescendo and Dreadsteed ride on, forever supported by an army of riders behind them.

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