One Year of Hearthstone

hearthstone 2 - One Year of Hearthstone

Last June I have read about the Hearthstone in one blog post and for a colector like me the game sounded interesting. I have installed the game on PC on June 29 and it become my favorite way for relax after work or in Week-End. It was better that I could also play on my mobile.

After one year of playing daily, but not long hours maybe yould be interested in some statistics (F2P):

Hearthstone Screenshot 06 29 19 18 08 12 - One Year of Hearthstone


1469 wins in ranked, 185 in Arena

Max Level : 5 reached yestherday for the first time (in Wild). max level in Standard 9 (last season with Token Druid)

Only Mage is level up to 60 since the first 3-4 months I was plaiyng Jaina (with homebrew bad decks) almost exclusively. I unpacked Frost Lich Jaina from the Frozen Throne Prologue and I was having a blast at levels 25 to 18 😀

Most Wins in Ranked I have with Hunter (after I discovered with your help the magic of Net Decks and the fantastic Midrange Hunter with Dire Mole and Crackling Razormaw) – 186 Wins.

Most Wins in Arena – 9 with Warlock (i don't play alot of arena – It seems something that you need to spend some time to prepare if you want to get consistently over the 3 wins treshold)

I enjoy most the Tavern Brawls with random generated minions or spells…

I never disenchant non-duplicate/triplicate cards (except nerfed cards which I will recover later, either in packs or recraft them if they will go out of standard). I disenchanted some golden cards for dust in order to be able to craft the Hall of Fame cards I missed, but recrafted standard versions after I had enough dust. I disenchant golden extra copies.

So, after 1 year I have:

Classic cards (I probably bought 2 or 3 packs with gold, the rest were quest and brawls rewards) 287/443:

  • Common 171 / 186
  • Rare 92 / 154
  • Epic 17 / 72
  • Legendary 7/31

The rest of the expansions accesible for gold in the last year:

  • Rise of Shadows 182 / 248
  • Rastakhan's Rumble 179 / 247
  • The Boomsday Project 163 / 248
  • The Witchwood 132 / 237
  • Kobolds & Catacombs 144 / 247
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne 136 / 247
  • Journey to Un'Goro 113/247

In total:

  • Free 266 / 266
  • Common 920 / 1426
  • Rare 447 / 1038
  • Epic 86 / 678
  • Legendary 43 / 301 (3 golden)

After randomly open packs at the beggining, I started to strategize this:

The most eficient metod of course is to save gold for the next expansion, but it works only if you have a good collection.

So I started to split the gold, some for the next expansion and some to buy expansions that I was missing cards while chasing the legendary pity timer for each expansion.

I started recording opened packs on August 10, 2018, and I opened 331 packs as a FTP player. In one year I missed just 1 quest (I forgot to complete one the day before and the quest log was full) – 21 of them contained a Legendary card. (Remember this statistic was recorded after I've opened the guaranteed 10 pack legendary from 6 sets)

My first legendary was Toki and it was an autoinclude in my Mage deck, I loved the random legendaries I've got when I run it.

The only golden legendary I unpacked is The Boom Reaver in the first day of ROS expansions from the 30 packs I've bought with saved gold.

I also managed to buy the whole Dalaran Heist with gold (and I loved playing it).

In conclusion

I'd like to thank you all for helping me in the begginers section, special thanks to u/cgmcnama for the Begginers Guide, now I try to help too….

I'd like to thank hsreplay.net, heartharena.com, pitytracker.com for the tools and statistics.

And to Blizzard, after one year of F2P enjoyment I thanked them by buying the Wild Bundle…

And yes, it seems the Tavern is Always Open 😀

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